For the past couple of months I’ve been telling everybody that the first Bug Martini book collection will be funded through Kickstarter which was planned to start at the end of November. Well, it’s December and still no Kickstarter. “What up?” you may be asking yourself.

It wasn’t until December rolled around that I realized that December is a pretty lousy month to start a Kickstarter. I don’t want to be asking for money right when everyone is spending their hard-earned moolah on Christmas gifts. Even if someone wanted to get my book as a present, the book still wouldn’t be printed till a couple of months. “Merry Christmas! Your gift will arrive in late February!”

So I’ve decided to hold off on doing the Kickstarter for now. It’s still gonna happen. I’ve already got it set up with graphics and rewards and all that fun stuff. I’m just gonna wait to hit that LAUNCH button till the holidays blow over.

But never mind that. Star Wars The Force Awakens has finally come out! If you have any interest in my opinion you can listen to the latest Geeks of Steel podcast. In it, Matt and I talk for almost the length of the movie about what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we may grow to like. It’s spoiler-heavy so make sure you go see the flick before giving it a listen.