Apr 21A Pain in the Grass
Mar 24Hacky Flak
Feb 16Snotnose Kids
Feb 3Dead and Loving It
Jan 27Spades of Gray
Jan 15Sunday Teaser
Jan 11New York Trip – Part 2


Oct 12New York Trip – Part 1
Aug 31New comics coming soon
Aug 12It Drives Me Bananas
Jul 22Where in the World is New Zealand
Jul 8Maul Things Considered
Jun 29The Liability of the Rings
Jun 15Not Much to White Home About
Jun 8Putting My Best Foot Pornward
May 25Fun with Sick and Jane
May 18Bent out of Shape
May 6Butt for the Grace of Bod
May 4Care For the Bod, Foil the Child
Apr 29Goofball Laureate
Apr 27Big Fish in a Tall Pond
Apr 22That One About Chiropractors
Apr 20Driving Me Crazy
Apr 15Grin and Hair It
Apr 13The Walk of the Town
Apr 8Mask a Silly Question
Apr 6Dork at Work
Apr 1Cross Examined
Mar 30Look Who’s Gawking
Mar 25Sticker Shock
Mar 23Dressed to Grill
Mar 18Death Be Not Viking
Mar 16Don’t Look a Gift Card in the Mouth
Mar 11A Man of Few Words
Mar 9Freezeheads
Mar 3The Little Engineer that Couldn’t
Mar 2Frozen 2
Feb 25Money Talks, I Walk
Feb 23Too Many Fish in the Sea
Feb 18Steal From the Rich, Give to the IRS
Feb 16Spare the Rod, Spoil the Gandhi
Feb 9Ain’t That a Kick in the Teeth
Feb 4Like Euthanizing Fish In a Barrel
Jan 27Middling Midlife Crisis
Jan 21Time To Get In Shape
Jan 19Strange Bedfellows
Jan 12Pyre Ire


Dec 17Vasectomy – Part 8
Dec 8Vasectomy- Part 7
Nov 24Vasectomy – Part 6
Nov 12Vasectomy- Part 5
Nov 4Vasectomy – Part 4
Oct 28Vasectomy- Part 3
Oct 21Vasectomy- Part 2
Oct 14Vasectomy – Part 1
Oct 8A Dropped Call
Sep 29Death Be Not Lame
Sep 24Lord Only Nose
Sep 16Watching What I Eat
Sep 9Under the Spotlight – Part 4
Sep 1Under the Spotlight – Part 3
Aug 25Under the Spotlight – Part 2
Aug 18Under the Spotlight
Aug 4Any Sport in a Storm
Jul 29The Name Game
Jul 22Walk the Walk So You Can Talk the Talk
Jul 15Child in Morning, Daddy take Warning
Jul 8Pick of the Ladder
Jun 30Hair of the Slog
Jun 23Tis the Sneezin
Jun 16The Sweet Smell of Success
May 27The Name is Afoot
May 20Death and Ashes
May 5I’m a Breast Man
Apr 14My Trouble with Trouble
Apr 7Oral Fixation
Apr 2Fickle in Your Throat
Mar 24My Other Car is a Bird of Prey
Mar 18Bland Sanitizer
Mar 12X Markers the Spot
Mar 5iBox
Feb 26The Three-minator
Feb 19Weather Man
Feb 13Happy Valentine’s Day
Feb 4Sign of the Whines
Jan 22A Ronin’s Work is Never Done
Jan 13Flake Out
Jan 4Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Ire


Dec 29Wonder Woe Man
Dec 23Moan for the Holidays
Dec 15What Would Jesus Do?
Dec 9All You Can Eat Beret
Dec 4Camping My Style
Dec 2Eel of Disapproval
Nov 30Doppeljagger
Nov 25David Attaboy
Nov 20Over My Dad Body
Nov 16Sink or Dim
Nov 11Some Harm, No Foul
Nov 4My Shocking Revelation
Oct 28Year and Loathing
Oct 20A Knock Down Drag Out Plight
Oct 14No More Mr Spice Guy
Oct 9I’m a Complicated Man
Oct 7Sex, Jugs, and Rock and Roll
Oct 1Fall Into the Wrong Bands
Sep 29A Call to Arms
Sep 23My-Grating
Sep 22Knee, Myself and Die
Sep 18In the Sick of Time
Sep 17Let’s Get Physical
Sep 11Home Equity Moan
Sep 8Home is Where the Art is
Sep 2It’s an Oy
Aug 28My Floss to Bear
Aug 27Someone Needs to Take a Sand
Aug 25House of Kill Repute
Aug 21Baby Needs a New Pair of Parents
Aug 18Let’s Get On the Shame Page
Aug 14Getting to the Bottom of Bequeathing
Aug 11I Have a Streaking Suspicion
Aug 7His Narc is Worse Than His Bite
Aug 4The Shoe is on the Other Tentacle
Jul 31Sugar Daddy
Jul 28Mask a Silly Question
Jul 24Gas with Flying Colors
Jul 23The Pick Up Artist
Jul 21Don’t Mean to Vamp Your Style
Jul 17Half in the Bag
Jul 15It’s Raining Spats and Jogs
Jul 10Pay My Threat to Society
Jul 9O Me of Little Faith
Jul 7Hell Hath No Fury Like a Cat Scorned
Jul 1Lower the Zoom
Jun 30Put the Fast Behind You
Jun 26Middle Man
Jun 24Get Hell Soon
Jun 22Happy Father’s Day!
Jun 19Clothes Makes the Hood
Jun 17Not So Apeeling
Jun 16Book, Whine, and Thinker
Jun 12Don’t Ramp My Style
Jun 10Up a Geek Without a Paddle
Jun 8The Pragmatic Proctologist
Jun 5Battery Will Get You Everywhere
Jun 2You Can’t Polish a Bird
May 31You Noob
May 27The Ninja Challenge
May 22Eye Am Not So Sure
May 19You Know What Bugs Me?
May 19I’m Just Masking for Trouble
May 15Playing My Hrumph Card
May 12Wheel of Misfortune
May 12Trash On Delivery
May 8The Haircut Redemption
May 6To the Eater Go the Oils
May 4Getting to the Bottom of My Bottom
May 1Fingernailed to the Cross
Apr 28Stab First, Mask Questions Later
Apr 27Nilla Wavering
Apr 24My Cross to Baron
Apr 22At the End of My Soap
Apr 21Et Tu, Stacey Q
Apr 16Finally Gone Viral
Apr 14Jack of All Trades, Master of Nunchucks
Apr 12Diaper Queen
Apr 9An Outfit Per Plague Makes the Doctor Look Great
Apr 7Meters Never Prosper
Apr 5Take a Hike
Apr 2Failing Frequencies
Apr 1No A-Count-ing For Taste
Mar 29The Book That Launched a Thousand Ships
Mar 27I Wash My Hands of Washing My Hands
Mar 26Dalai Long Johns
Mar 23Barbershop Duet
Mar 19Whatever Floats Your Oat
Mar 18I Propose a Toast
Mar 16Birthday Break
Mar 11Wig Out – Take 2
Mar 9Wig Out
Mar 5Kickstarter – Part 3
Mar 3Kickstarter – Part 2
Mar 2Kickstarter – Part 1
Feb 27Dink of the Jungle
Feb 25From Rags to Ditches
Feb 23Why-sconsin
Feb 21Big Lame Hunter
Feb 19Take This Job and Shovel It
Feb 17Frown and Bare It
Feb 14The Heart of the Problem
Feb 11A Cold Day in Heaven
Feb 10Belgian Why
Feb 7If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Volcano
Feb 5Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What a Relief It Is
Feb 3Magma World a Better Place
Jan 31A Whopper of a Tale
Jan 29The Hammer: An Unexpected Comparison
Jan 27If It Ain’t Smoke, Don’t Fix It
Jan 24Java League
Jan 22No Accounting for Waste
Jan 20Making a Snaux Pas
Jan 17Pinewood Derpy
Jan 15From Dad to Worse
Jan 12Sweet Not Sour
Jan 8Less Than Meets the Eye
Jan 5Gym Gentleman
Jan 3Cabela’s Corpse Quest
Jan 1Hair of the Strip Who Bit You


Dec 30Drugstore Coughboy
Dec 22Christmas Break
Dec 20Absolute Shower Corrupts Absolutely
Dec 17Sisyfuss
Dec 16Time to Cut Bait
Dec 13A Good Dense of Direction
Dec 11Count Me Out
Dec 8Tea Party Pooper
Dec 5A Boast Organism
Dec 3Toeing the Distance
Dec 1Breast Men – Part 3
Nov 26Breast Men – Part 2
Nov 24Breast Men – Part 1
Nov 23Su-Me
Nov 21Fools Flush In
Nov 19Netflix and Kill
Nov 14Poot My Own Horn
Nov 12Dream Me Up, Scotty
Nov 11OK Xer
Nov 6I Have a Flax To Grind
Nov 3Ho-lloween
Oct 28Bug Martini is 10 Years Old
Oct 24Ghosts Blow – Part 3
Oct 22Ghosts Blow – Part 2
Oct 21Ghosts Blow – Part 1
Oct 17Werewolves Bite – Part 3
Oct 15Werewolves Bite – Part 2
Oct 13Werewolves Bite – Part 1
Oct 10Vampires Suck – Part 3
Oct 8Vampires Suck – Part 2
Oct 6Vampires Suck – Part 1
Oct 3A Twist Of Ate
Oct 1I Demand Satisfaction
Sep 29Fit To Be Untied
Sep 26No More Jeers
Sep 24Swiper No Griping
Sep 22Stuck in the Middle With You
Sep 19Err Pods
Sep 17Foodstore Cowboy
Sep 15The Cola Wars
Sep 12Wife is Short
Sep 10Are We Having Run Yet?
Sep 8Ship of Fools
Sep 5Muscle Memory
Sep 3The Hair Necessities
Sep 1Doodie Two Shoes
Aug 30The Mad Hatter
Aug 28Infancy is the Mother of Invention
Aug 26A Bitter Pillow to Swallow
Aug 22In a World of Pure Insomniation
Aug 20You Can’t Goth Home Again
Aug 18Cheese It!
Aug 16Wreck Support
Aug 13Roll For Disparaging Remarks
Aug 11Apologies to Mr Watterson
Aug 8Silent as a Mouse
Aug 6Scared to Death Till You Part
Aug 5Sick Ass a Dog
Jul 31The Merch Of Progress
Jul 28A Dog Gone Shame
Jul 26The Search for Spork
Jul 24A Fool’s Errand
Jul 22Quasi’s Mojo
Jul 19Teaching an Old Dog New Sticks
Jul 17It’s Not All Fun And Names
Jul 15I Have Bigger Fish To Cry
Jul 11Smart Phone
Jul 10Wake Up and Quell the Coffee
Jul 8What Wood You Do
Jul 5Roman Candle Holiday
Jul 2A Dream Come Poo
Jun 30A Shady Character
Jun 27A Hair-Do-Well
Jun 25FDA Approved
Jun 24Organ Failure
Jun 20Huckleberry Phone
Jun 18Toil and Trouble
Jun 17Workout Poutine
Jun 13I Egg Your Pardon
Jun 11From the Horse’s Mouth
Jun 10Blinded by the Light
Jun 7Not Lewd, But Still Lewd
Jun 4Finding Emo
Jun 3Thought for Food
May 31Candy Hush Saga
May 29Pee-low the Belt
May 26A Paleo Imitation
May 23Strong Medicine
May 22The Not-So-Common Cold
May 20Agri-failure
May 14Messed For Success
May 13Gut Your Losses
May 10Nice Guys Phineas Last
May 8Movies Are Intoxicating
May 6Make Like a Tree and Leave
May 3Yoga – Pose 3
May 2Yoga – Pose 2
Apr 30Yoga – Pose 1
Apr 25Just My Two Sense
Apr 24The Confusiest Place On Earth
Apr 22Captcha Me If You Can
Apr 19Short On Shorts
Apr 15The Pot Calling The Kettle Whack
Apr 12Flat Chance
Apr 10Rugrats Roulette
Apr 9The Elephant in the Doom
Apr 5Paper Trial
Apr 3It Snot a Tumor
Apr 1A Star is Bored
Mar 29Being Amish – Part 3
Mar 27Being Amish – Part 2
Mar 25Being Amish – Part 1
Mar 22Bumper to Humper
Mar 20Traveling at the Speed of Thin Mints
Mar 18Don’t Be Rude With Lube
Mar 15My Senior Moment
Mar 13Silent and Deadly
Mar 11Twas the Pizza Before Christmas
Mar 8The Toaster’s Pajamas
Mar 6Don’t Dine and Drive
Mar 4Epic Kale
Mar 1Putting on the Ritz
Feb 27No Harm, No Towel
Feb 25Slack Frost
Feb 22Adam’s Rib – Part 3
Feb 20Adam’s Rib – Part 2
Feb 17Adam’s Rib – Part 1
Feb 15In the Line of Snooty
Feb 13Swim or Sink
Feb 10No More Mr Ice Guy
Feb 8Where the Streets Have No Name
Feb 5See You Later, Crocodile
Feb 4Cookies and Cream and Cream and Cream
Feb 1Sock and Roll
Jan 31New Patreon Rewards!
Jan 30Mixing Business With Treasure
Jan 27A Plate Worse Than Death
Jan 24Like Shooting Printers in a Barrel
Jan 23Look on the Bright Side Effect
Jan 21Thar He Blows
Jan 17Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 6
Jan 16Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 5
Jan 14Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 4
Jan 10Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 3
Jan 9Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 2
Jan 7Blade Runner (Poorly Remembered) – Part 1
Jan 3A Roamin’ Holiday
Jan 2Carpe Diem


Dec 31A Matter of Knife or Death
Dec 24Christmas Break
Dec 20A Devil of a Time
Dec 19Beans, Beans…
Dec 16Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Dec 13From Drunky to Hunky
Dec 11Power Tool
Dec 9Lend a Yelping Hand
Dec 7It Was Not Mensa To Be
Dec 5Jurassic Parking Spaces
Dec 2Pill in the Blanks
Nov 29E-Fail
Nov 27A Stripper for Those Less Chipper
Nov 26God Only Nose
Nov 23A Bitter Spill to Swallow
Nov 20Knocking on Heaven’s Bore
Nov 18Where the Streets Have No Shame
Nov 15A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Nov 14That’s How the Cookie Fumbles
Nov 12Roll With It
Nov 8A Matter of Wife and Death
Nov 7Onesie of a Kind
Nov 2Me-anderthal
Oct 30On Spin Ice
Oct 28Like Taking Candy from an Old Lady
Oct 25Grumpkin – Part 3
Oct 23Grumpkin – Part 2
Oct 22Grumpkin – Part 1
Oct 18With Great Power Comes Great Irritability
Oct 17Sickt!
Oct 17An Agamotto a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Oct 12Chumping Iron
Oct 9Phone of Contention
Oct 8A Tot Mess
Oct 4One Bad Apple Foils the Bunch
Oct 2The Salad Daze
Sep 30Like Two Peas in an Odd
Sep 27Where There’s Soak, There’s Ire
Sep 25Jumpman
Sep 23Isn’t That a Kick in the Pants
Sep 21JD Glower – Part 3
Sep 18JD Glower – Part 2
Sep 16JD Glower – Part 1
Sep 13Java Man
Sep 11Meet Your Maker
Sep 10The Long and Short of It
Sep 6Dumb Dumbs and Dragons – Part 5
Sep 4Dumb Dumbs and Dragons – Part 4
Sep 3Dumb Dumbs And Dragons – Part 3
Aug 31Dumb Dumbs and Dragons – Part 2
Aug 29Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons – Part 1
Aug 27My Inside Voice
Aug 23Rock You Like a Hurricane
Aug 22Egg On My Facebook
Aug 19Taming of the Screw
Aug 16The Customer is Always Blight
Aug 14Hate Expectations
Aug 12Come Hell or High Watermelon
Aug 9Cheese the Day
Aug 7Banjo is a No Go
Aug 6That’s How I Roll
Aug 2Receiving My Walking Papers
Aug 1Art Work
Jul 30Never Scream Wolf
Jul 26I’m a Man of Few Birds
Jul 24Leave Well Enough Alone
Jul 23iPhone of Doom
Jul 19Never Try Wolf
Jul 17You’ve Got Fail
Jul 15Something’s Bugging Me
Jul 12All in a Slay’s Work
Jul 11Malpractice Makes Perfect
Jul 9All Kidneying Aside
Jul 6Necessity is the Mother of Retention
Jul 4My Game is Mud
Jul 2Rinse and Defeat
Jun 29The Fort End of the Stick
Jun 27Putting the Fart Before the Horse
Jun 27Roll Over and Play Dead
Jun 21Like Shaking Candy from a Baby
Jun 20For Christ’s Snake
Jun 18Eye Don’t Think So
Jun 15Pride Comes Before the Call
Jun 12Checkers Should be Seen and Not Heard
Jun 11Take a Long Card Look at Myself
Jun 7Having a Senior Moment
Jun 6A Nude Awakening
Jun 4Can’t See the Forest for the Pleas
Jun 1I Kid You Snot
May 29Sleeveless in Seattle
May 25Putting My Money Where Your Mouth is
May 23Talking Your Ear Off
May 21Playing Fast and Deuce
May 18Burning Daylight
May 16The Chicken and the Leg
May 14United Weed Stand
May 11I Think France is Better – Part 3
May 9I Think France is Better – Part 2
May 7I Think France is Better – Part 1
May 4Like Ships That Crash in the Night
May 2Feel Like I’m Flagging Behind
Apr 29They Really Dropped the Balls
Apr 27I Can’t Seance for Sure
Apr 23Breath of Fresh Air
Apr 20Being a Baby Is Awesome – Part 3
Apr 18Being a Baby Is Awesome – Part 2
Apr 16Being a Baby Is Awesome – Part 1
Apr 15Weekend Teaser
Apr 13Hair of the Baby Who Bit You
Apr 10Hell on Wheel
Apr 8Toying with My Commotions
Apr 6A Wee Problem
Apr 4The Hand That Gawks the Cradle
Apr 2Adding Fool to the Fire
Mar 30The Taxman Cometh
Mar 28Catfished
Mar 26Food for Naught
Mar 22One Hand Squashes the Other
Mar 20You Break It, You Birthed It
Mar 19Another Day Older and Deeper in Death
Mar 14Go From Ad to Worse
Mar 12The Spy Who Confused Me
Mar 9Quit While You’re a Head
Mar 7The Over-Examined Life Is Not Worth Living Either
Mar 5Three Sheets to the Spin
Mar 2Best Laid Plans of Ice and Men
Feb 28Let’s Not Shirt the Issue
Feb 26That Syncing Feeling
Feb 23Faux Papa
Feb 21Your Guess Is as Good as Mime
Feb 19A Case of Mistinkin Identity
Feb 16When All’s Sled and Done
Feb 14Medaling in Foreign Affairs
Feb 12Let the Lames Begin
Feb 9Left Holding the Baby
Feb 7Super Brawl Sunday
Feb 5Blown Out of Proportion
Feb 2Short Tempered
Jan 31Up Spit Creek Without a Paddle
Jan 29Chip Off the Old Blockhead
Jan 26MaYes
Jan 24Child of the Corn
Jan 22Beer and Loathing
Jan 19Unseen by the Naked Eye
Jan 16The Chide of Frankenstein
Jan 15My Fit Personality
Jan 11Irking from Home
Jan 10Separation of Church and Estate
Jan 8Sleep Like a Baby
Jan 5I’m Just Tolkien Smack
Jan 3Have Your Bake and Eat It Too
Jan 1Deal of the Century


Dec 29Burn at the Steak
Dec 27Wreck the Halls
Dec 23Another Free Patreon Comic!
Dec 22Broaching the Subject of Broaching
Dec 20Not Getting the Lion’s Share
Dec 18Food for Fraught
Dec 15Adding Injury to Insult
Dec 13No Time Like the Presents
Dec 11Photosyn Thesis
Dec 8Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired – Part 3
Dec 6Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired – Part 2
Dec 4Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired – Part 1
Dec 1Ugly as Kin
Nov 29Toasty as Hell
Nov 27A Bug’s Strife
Nov 24Cordial Crushing
Nov 22Not What They’re Cracked up to Be
Nov 20Shot Down in Lames
Nov 17Hosting Your Own Orgy – Part 3
Nov 15Hosting Your Own Orgy – Part 2
Nov 13Hosting Your Own Orgy – Part 1
Nov 10Selling Myself Short
Nov 8Lying Through My Teeth
Nov 6Like Taking Coffee for a Baby
Nov 3Fair and Scare
Nov 1So Quiet You Could Hear a Pinhead Drop
Oct 30Baby Doomer
Oct 27Now Hair Me Out
Oct 25Killer Cereal
Oct 23A Bridge Not Far Enough
Oct 19Feeling Like the Butt of the Joke
Oct 18It Really Pushes My Buttons
Oct 16Necessity Is the Mother of Conception
Oct 9Not Safe for Work
Oct 6Bot of the Morning to You
Oct 3All Work and No Pants
Oct 2Till Death Do You Fart
Sep 29That’s How the Cookie Dumbbells
Sep 27My Plea Deal
Sep 25A Double-Veged Sword
Sep 22Take Out the Thrash
Sep 20Kool Babies
Sep 18That’s Music to My Beers
Sep 15Speech In-Head-iment
Sep 12Paging Doctor Dude-Bro
Sep 11Long Arm of the Flaw
Sep 8I’ll be an Uncle’s Monkey
Sep 6That Whine of the Month
Sep 4Grand Lunacy
Sep 1Imitation is the Highest Form of Foolery
Aug 30The Cybernetic Sofa
Aug 28After I Bot the Farm
Aug 25A See Change
Aug 23Total Eclipse of the Art
Aug 21Things Take a Turnip for the Worse
Aug 18Do Not
Aug 16The Great Out-Snores
Aug 14A Jury of My Beers
Aug 11Dude-La
Aug 8Fink Outside the Box
Aug 6No Feign, No Gain
Aug 4Sitting on the Old Blunder Bucket
Aug 2Rain on My Grenade
Jul 31March to the Eat of a Different Drum
Jul 28In the Gong Place at the Gong Time
Jul 26Age Before Bigotry
Jul 23Spew-der-Man
Jul 20Add a Cult to Injury
Jul 18Where There’s Choke There’s Ire
Jul 17Wear Your Smart on Your Sleeve
Jul 14On a Hot Streak
Jul 12Viva Las Matrimony
Jul 10Sin City
Jul 3Vegas Vacation
Jun 30Between a Talk and a Hard Place
Jun 28Throw a Funky Wrench in the Works
Jun 26Like a Bat Outta Heaven
Jun 23Star Trek IV The Voyage Phone
Jun 21Man-Struation
Jun 19Hitler: The Next Generation
Jun 16A Dream Coma True
Jun 14Neverending Melody
Jun 12My Overall Opinion
Jun 9Crime Doesn’t Say
Jun 6Falcon in the Middle
Jun 5A Wide Birth
Jun 2I Wanna Get Fired
May 31A Case Against Time
May 26Anti-Social Media
May 24Committing a Hate Whine
May 22Caught with Your Plants Down
May 19The Banality of Water
May 17The Elegance of Wine
May 15The Importance of Coffee
May 12Hitler’s S.S.
May 9The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Inflections
May 8Getting a Bum Wrap
May 5Thank God It’s Friday
May 3Shower Grapes
May 1My Nanny Conspiracy
Apr 27Illumi – Not I
Apr 26Too Hot to Candle
Apr 24Happy Earth Day
Apr 21Hair of the Drunk That Cut You
Apr 19The Emperor’s Nude Clothes
Apr 16A Trip of the Hat
Apr 13Goobernatorial
Apr 12A Clean Grill of Health
Apr 10Let’s Not Skirt the Issue
Apr 7Parking up the Wrong Tea
Apr 5Time Line Whine
Apr 3Just Saying That Predator Is a Really Good Soundtrack
Mar 30Playing the Chump Card
Mar 29Nope Scope
Mar 27Having a Tax to Grind
Mar 23Not for the Faint Arted
Mar 22Once Kitten Twice Shy
Mar 20Freak Flag Shy
Mar 17A Gripe Old Age
Mar 15Goodcellas
Mar 13Open Sesame
Mar 10A Woman’ssss Work Is Never Done
Mar 8The Gungan Is Always Greener
Mar 6The 40-Year-Old Veteran
Mar 3My Child Is an Honor Employee
Mar 1Burst Case Scenario
Feb 27Stand Cat Attention
Feb 24Trefoiled Again
Feb 22Holy Roller for Initiative
Feb 20I’m Hidin’ It
Feb 17Take the Laurel High Ground
Feb 15Do More Farm Than Good
Feb 13Car-ma Sutra
Feb 12Weekend Teaser
Feb 10Signed, Sealed, Deviled
Feb 8The Uncanny Pie-Man
Feb 6One Bad Apple Spoils My Butt
Feb 3War of the Words
Jan 31Not a Dry Guy in the House
Jan 30Feud for Thought
Jan 27It’s Quittin’ Time, Baby
Jan 25Too Big to Mail
Jan 22It’s Not Rock, It Science
Jan 20Like Two Mes in a Pod
Jan 18All in a Day’s Shirk
Jan 15A Fate Worse Than Meth
Jan 13On the Other Hand
Jan 10Chicken’s Come Home to Rue
Jan 9Home Vex-po
Jan 62017 Resolutions – Number 3
Jan 42017 Resolutions – Number 2
Jan 22017 Resolutions – Number 1


Dec 30Crappy New Year
Dec 28Walkie Talkie Blockie
Dec 26Free Patreon Comic!
Dec 23Joined at the Zip
Dec 21Keep Your Friends Close and Your Co-Workers Closer
Dec 19Death Be Not Proud
Dec 16Ctrl Alt Deceased
Dec 14Bed Bath and Beyond Caring
Dec 12My Life Is Going down the Tubes
Dec 9Charity Case
Dec 7Now Hear Me Out
Dec 5Gas, Grass, or Crash
Dec 2Clothes Bake the Man
Nov 30Par for the Force
Nov 28Lazy Like a Fox
Nov 25That’s Music to My Fears
Nov 23A Hair-Weather Friend
Nov 21A Button for Punishment
Nov 18Who’s Gonna Chide Your Child’s Courses
Nov 16Up Ship Creek Without a Missile
Nov 14You Might Take It with You
Nov 10A Glitch in Time
Nov 9Caste My Vote
Nov 7Read It and Sleep
Nov 430 Minutes or Your Mugging Is Free
Nov 3All Work and No Lay
Nov 2Better Luck Text Time
Nov 1Big Fish in a Stall Pond
Oct 31Phil the Void
Oct 28My Fate is Sealed
Oct 27Moody Two Shoes
Oct 26As I Live and Seethe
Oct 25To Smoke One’s Ego
Oct 24A Card-Carrying Trembler
Oct 21Friends in Low Places
Oct 19Hide and God Seek
Oct 19To Whom It May Concern
Oct 18Evolution Not Found
Oct 17A Bounce of Common Sense
Oct 14No Sin off My Back
Oct 13You Can’t Go Wrongo with a Bongo
Oct 12There is No Loon
Oct 11Skating on Old Ice
Oct 10Couldn’t Flask for Anything More
Oct 7Wax On, Backs Off
Oct 6Ground Control to Employee Tom
Oct 5Mind Your Massacres
Oct 4Pope Springs Eternal
Oct 3Crossword Puzzled
Sep 30Finish on a High Gloat
Sep 29Better Kim Than Me
Sep 27Ornate Debate Mandate
Sep 27Armageddon out of This Job
Sep 26Whine and Dine
Sep 23A Load Cough My Mind
Sep 22X-Menthols
Sep 21A Double-Padded Sword
Sep 20Call of the Riled
Sep 19Being Given the Finger
Sep 16The Prime Respective
Sep 15The Trouble with Co-Workers
Sep 14Star Trek Poo the Crap of Khan
Sep 13Set Phasers for Ambien
Sep 12Star Trek’s Nemesis
Sep 9Opportunity Knocks
Sep 8Search Terms
Sep 7The Great Indoors
Sep 6Eat Your Words
Sep 5Can’t Draw…Eating
Sep 2Feeling Double Crossed
Sep 1Semper Sci-Fi
Aug 31Food for What Ails You
Aug 30Housing Boom
Aug 29No Use Crying Over Spilled Radishes
Aug 26There Butt for the Grace of God
Aug 25I Think Therefore I Dumb
Aug 24The Least I Klan Do
Aug 23You Say Potato, I Say Ned Beatty
Aug 22Weeder Madness
Aug 19Blacklisted Living
Aug 18The Shoe is on the Other Fool
Aug 17Live and Vet Die
Aug 16Dressed For Success
Aug 15The Bends Justify the Leans
Aug 12Trial By Hire
Aug 11Hanging My Head in Shame
Aug 10Matters of the Voter-verse
Aug 9Blow Dryers Blow
Aug 8If Looks Could Grill
Aug 5Lost in Vegetation
Aug 4Hurling Up the Wrong Tree
Aug 3All in a Day’s Lurk
Aug 2Calling Your Buff
Aug 1Doing Mow Harm than Good
Jul 29Dumbass Definitions: Gallivant
Jul 28Work Stinks
Jul 27Poor Money Down the Drain
Jul 26Raking in the Rash
Jul 25Excess Baggage
Jul 22There’s No Place Like Home
Jul 21Close to Home
Jul 20House of Cards
Jul 19In the Poorhouse
Jul 18House of Ill Repute
Jul 15Obstruction of Just Us
Jul 14You Say You Want an Evolution
Jul 13Dishonesty is the Best Policy
Jul 12If It Bleeds, I Leaves
Jul 11Every Cloud has a Silver Lightning
Jul 8Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Jul 7Battle of the Bulge
Jul 6The Art of Ditchcraft
Jul 5Fright of the Lepus
Jul 4Safety Burst
Jul 1The Error of Bad News
Jun 30Tooth Be Told
Jun 29All’s Fair Between Love and Work
Jun 28Hair My Grievances
Jun 27I Saw Something Weird
Jun 24Tardiness is Next to Godliness
Jun 23Blame It on Rio
Jun 22404 Smile Not Found
Jun 21A Fate Hearse Than Death
Jun 20The Weight to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach
Jun 16Goodbye Cruel World Wide Web
Jun 15The Shorts End of the Stick
Jun 15My Spiel on Glockenspiels
Jun 14Sick of this Crap
Jun 13The Stool of Card Knocks
Jun 10Just the Q-Tip
Jun 9Oh for Heist’s Sake
Jun 8Take This Job and Hug It
Jun 7My Ramcestor
Jun 6A Bitter Bill to Swallow
Jun 3Charity Ends At Home
Jun 2Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Jun 1Be Our Guest, Not Our Pest
May 31Back Up Against the Wallet
May 27Separate the Zen From the Boys
May 26Persistence is Futile
May 25New Home or Bust
May 24All Addressed Up and Nowhere To Go
May 23Sick to Death of Packing
May 20All Hell Smoke Loose
May 19Generation Vexed
May 18Taking a Kid Nap
May 17Don’t Drink and Coupon
May 16The End of the Road
May 12The Empire Talks Smack – Part V
May 12The Empire Talks Smack – Part IV
May 11The Empire Talks Smack – Part III
May 10The Empire Talks Smack – Part II
May 9The Empire Talks Smack
May 6A Life Dwell Spent
May 5The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Squeeze
May 4Dead to Writes
May 3At a Loss for Words
May 2Mad Math: Beyond Numberdome
Apr 29It’s All Run and Shames
Apr 28Aghast Will and Testament
Apr 27Nice Guys Fetish Last
Apr 26No Such Thing as a Free Punch
Apr 25Worth My Wait in Old
Apr 22Take a Trip Down Gravity Lane
Apr 21Bodies of Knowledge
Apr 20The Doof is in the Pudding
Apr 19The Book of Craig
Apr 18Hair Apparent
Apr 15The Math of Least Subsistence
Apr 14409 All the Time
Apr 13One Man’s Boss is Another Man’s Bane
Apr 12Electric Booga-Flu
Apr 11A Pool and His Money are Soon Parted
Apr 8Stall In a Day’s Work
Apr 7When Weather Takes a Turn for the Verse
Apr 6Virtual Fatality
Apr 5Licensed to Baby
Apr 4Nothing to Fear But Beer Itself
Apr 1Invading Cattlemen and Native Americans
Mar 31Venting Machine
Mar 30Get Witch Quick
Mar 29All Play and No Work
Mar 28My Basket Case
Mar 25Bystander in Chief
Mar 24Derriere-Ware
Mar 23Odor the Hill
Mar 22Babble-Rouser
Mar 21All’s Fair in Love and Gore
Mar 18Guns Don’t Kill People, and Neither do Boomerangs
Mar 17Sleep Me Off My Feet
Mar 16Taste Not, Want Not
Mar 15A Cite to Behold
Mar 14Nose Love Lost
Mar 11Death, Be Not Proud
Mar 10No Ifs, Ands or Nuts
Mar 9All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Woe
Mar 8Dough Is Me
Mar 7Smokey and the Fan-Twit
Mar 4Little Toy Blue
Mar 3Rough Love
Mar 2Trunk For My Junk
Mar 1Shoot First, Athos Questions Later
Feb 29The Goobers are Fubared
Feb 26A Hairy Situation
Feb 25He Who Smelt it Dealt With It
Feb 24Back to the Hipster
Feb 23Two Shakes of a Band’s Fail
Feb 22Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Grody
Feb 19I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Nazis
Feb 18I Bet She Did Nazi This One Coming
Feb 17Glowers for Algernon
Feb 16Thanks, But No Tanks
Feb 15Fail to the Chief
Feb 12Wake Up and Smell the Progress
Feb 11Hollywood BlockFluster
Feb 10You Give Litigation a Bad Name
Feb 9Your Dress is as Good as Mine
Feb 8My Drinking Problem
Feb 5Be Still My Fleeting Smart
Feb 4Living High On the Jog
Feb 3Nothing But Skin and Phones
Feb 2All Work and No Slay
Feb 1Hate Love Relationship
Jan 29The Matrix Trumpolutions
Jan 28Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures
Jan 27Prenatal Envy
Jan 26Has a Nice Sing To It
Jan 25Settling For Catan
Jan 21Bless This Stress
Jan 20Pissed-tory
Jan 19A Sad Skate of Affairs
Jan 18Commandoze
Jan 15And the Test is History
Jan 14A Hardware Issue
Jan 13A Coupon for Disaster
Jan 12Special Defect
Jan 11A Racist Against Time
Jan 8A Day Late and a Nazi Short
Jan 7All Work and No Stay
Jan 6Creature from the Grey Lagoon
Jan 5Predator Boned
Jan 4Meters Never Prosper
Jan 1Inebriation Vacation


Dec 31New Year’s Eve Checklist
Dec 30A Real Pain in the Check
Dec 29Thought With My Pants Down
Dec 28Regift of the Magi
Dec 25I’ll Be Phone for Christmas
Dec 24Society Anxiety
Dec 23The Force Mistaken
Dec 22Bindle of Joy
Dec 21All Foot Strings Must Come to an End
Dec 18Lewd Wig
Dec 17Federal Bureau of Occupation
Dec 16Adam’s Rib
Dec 15Night of the Living Threads
Dec 14On the Force Day of Christmas
Dec 11The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways
Dec 10I Stand Uncorrected
Dec 9Port-A-Hostage
Dec 8A Bed of Noses
Dec 7A No-Skin Situation
Dec 4Flyer Beware
Dec 3I’m No Slouch
Dec 2Don’t Spell the Beans
Dec 1Nun of My Business
Nov 30Does a Scientist Crap in the Woods?
Nov 27Black Friday Fail
Nov 26Yam Someone With Faint Glaze
Nov 25Lights! Camera! Litigation!
Nov 24That Not-So-Fashionable Feeling
Nov 23Yawn of the Dead
Nov 20My Sweat Peeve
Nov 19You Decorated My Life
Nov 18Kidnappers Ruin Everything
Nov 17A Man of Few Passwords
Nov 16Last Witch Effort
Nov 12It Sands to Reason
Nov 12To Make a Song Story Short
Nov 11May the Best Man Twin
Nov 10All Systems are Woe
Nov 9Ball or Nothing
Nov 6A Plight for Sore Eyes
Nov 5Divide and Goner
Nov 4Workin’ for the Klan
Nov 3Marriage Disposal
Nov 2It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone’s Gotta Poo It
Oct 30The Tooth Fury
Oct 29Trick or Treat or Thievery
Oct 28The Friend is Not Mightier Than the Sword
Oct 27A Sense of Misdirection
Oct 26A Name Worse Than Death
Oct 23No Dinero for Sombreros
Oct 22All Work and No Fray
Oct 21The Force Forsaken
Oct 20You Just Can’t Outdo Bamboo
Oct 19The Ends Justify the Beans
Oct 16A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Deception Go Down
Oct 15Eaters Always Prosper
Oct 14Check Your Intellect Connection
Oct 13The Spoiled of War
Oct 12Fire Straits
Oct 9Wake Up and Sell the Coffee
Oct 8By Hook or By Cook
Oct 7Letting Things Slide
Oct 6Let the Hips Fall Where They May
Oct 5On Your Park, Get Set, Blow
Oct 2Winds of Change
Oct 1Highway to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks
Sep 30Mars, the Dead Planet
Sep 29Beyond the Shadow of a Scout
Sep 28Sad to the Bone
Sep 25A Horse to be Reckoned With
Sep 24A Glimmer of Pope
Sep 23A Fragment of My Imagination
Sep 22Dwell on Wheels
Sep 21Dammit, Anime
Sep 18The School of Hard Talks
Sep 17Looks Like He Has France in His Plants
Sep 16Different Smokes for Different Folks
Sep 15Gruesome Yousome
Sep 14A Farewell to Arms
Sep 11Guest Cartoonist – Michael Witmer
Sep 10Guest Cartoonist – Mary Varn
Sep 9Guest Cartoonist – Lucas Turnbloom
Sep 8Guest Cartoonist – John Sutton
Sep 7Guest Cartoonist – Steve Ogden
Sep 4Guest Cartoonist – Chris Hallbeck
Sep 3Guest Cartoonist – Brad Guigar
Sep 2Guest Cartoonist – Matt Forcum
Sep 1Guest Cartoonist – J.R. Faulkner
Aug 31Guest Cartoonist – Joel Duggan
Aug 28Cash and Burn
Aug 27Speaking the Flame Language
Aug 26A Man’s Home is His Hassle
Aug 25To Bring, Oar Not to Bring
Aug 24Have Buns – Will Travel
Aug 21No Rest Forum Wicked
Aug 20The Wardrobe is Not Enough
Aug 19Two Shades of Grey
Aug 18Having a Financial Meltdown
Aug 17This is Your Brain on Cthulhu
Aug 14CEDs
Aug 13Got My Mind on My Undies and My Undies On My Mind
Aug 12Doctor Doomed
Aug 11GPS Ninjagation
Aug 10A Dip Off the Old Block
Aug 7Working for the Mandroid
Aug 6A Fowl Breeze
Aug 5Jerk-ules
Aug 4The Tao of Klutz
Aug 3Drink and You’ll Miss It
Jul 31Only the pennant man shall pass
Jul 30The Road to Dumb is Paved with Good Interventions
Jul 29Mouse of Cards
Jul 28Weapon of Mass Abduction
Jul 27Blind Justice
Jul 24Blood Sport
Jul 23Best Buyer Beware
Jul 22Writer’s Blockhead
Jul 21My Carbine Tis of Thee
Jul 20Some Mound Advice
Jul 17All Ark and No Blight
Jul 16MMQ & A
Jul 15Welcome Back, Berke
Jul 14Now You’re Squeaking My Language
Jul 13Truth is Stranger than Confection
Jul 10Electric Boogaloo
Jul 9Bless This (and Your) Mess
Jul 8Survival of the Fastest
Jul 7Tonight There’s Gonna Be a Failbreak
Jul 6Fake a Hike
Jul 2Red Asphalt, Redder Tape
Jul 2A Bandana Republic
Jul 1A Day Late and a Dolly Short
Jun 30Dirty Pool
Jun 29On My Last Legs
Jun 26Prattle of the Sexes
Jun 25No-It-All
Jun 24Glaze be to God
Jun 23The Phantom Presence
Jun 22Trend It Like Beckham
Jun 19Subliminal Visages
Jun 18Hair to the Empire
Jun 17Burden of Doof
Jun 16Into Each Life Some Acid Rain Must Fall
Jun 15Hey-La, My Girlfriend’s Back
Jun 12Putting the Ass in Assassin
Jun 11Baffled
Jun 10All Warm and Scuzzy
Jun 9A Mule and His Money are Soon Parted
Jun 8A Matter of Strife and Death
Jun 5The Misadventures of Miss Construe
Jun 4Footloose and Fancy-Freak
Jun 3Mad Max: Funky Road
Jun 2The Maude Squad
Jun 1Devil-May-Care
May 29A Sign of Low Self-Esteem
May 28The Hummus Telescope
May 27Give War a Chance
May 26Put the Park Before the Horse
May 25Shake What Your Mobile Gave Ya
May 22Kim Jong-Unbelievable
May 21Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Feeble
May 20Ring Around the Dopey
May 19The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Gala
May 18The Sixth Dense
May 15Energy Deficient
May 13Flask a Stupid Question
May 13A Ronin Stone Gathers No Jobs – Part 2
May 12A Ronin Stone Gathers No Jobs
May 11The Mother of All Hangovers
May 8A New Dope – Part V
May 7A New Dope – Part IV
May 6A New Dope – Part III
May 5A New Dope – Part II
May 4A New Dope
May 1No Manwich is an Island
Apr 30Raiders of the Lost Dork
Apr 29Date Minds Shrink Alike
Apr 28A Foos and His Money Are Soon Parted
Apr 27Bed-Snide Manner
Apr 24Labor Pains
Apr 23No, That’s a Moon
Apr 22Thems Frighten Words
Apr 21Bar-Be-You
Apr 20Abra-car-dabra
Apr 17It’s Up For Stabs
Apr 15Dead Last Son of Krypton
Apr 15Fail Mix
Apr 14Ad Nauseam
Apr 13Plights, Camera, Inaction
Apr 10A Killer Cup of Coffee
Apr 9Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
Apr 8I Got a Drone to Pick
Apr 7The Axeman Thumbeth
Apr 6Come Hell or High Water
Apr 328 Dates Later
Apr 2Charity Balk
Apr 1Sink or Swim
Mar 31It’s Apathetic, Baby!
Mar 30Girl Scout Crookies
Mar 27Not-So-Evil Twin
Mar 26Why I Love Switzerland
Mar 25A Bun in the Microwave
Mar 24Spring Forward, Fall Back
Mar 23Way Down in Chokeomo
Mar 20Filling Out Your Grocery Gist
Mar 19Checkbook Yourself Before You Wreck Your Self-Esteem
Mar 18Loss Word Puzzle
Mar 17The Good, the Bad and the Oldie
Mar 16No More Mr Knife Guy
Mar 13Gleaming the Cubicle
Mar 12Boob Noob
Mar 11It’s Raining Brats and Fogs
Mar 10Read My Lipids
Mar 9Birthdaymas
Mar 6Eavesflopper
Mar 5Step in the Height Direction
Mar 4Miff-Hanger
Mar 3Ode to a Vulcan
Mar 2An Act of Faith
Feb 27Wicked Weather? We Work Wegardless
Feb 26Nincompoop’s Noodle Nets Nothing
Feb 25Sex Sells Substandard Stuff
Feb 24Backseat Backstab Backfire
Feb 23Kights, Kamera, Kaction!
Feb 20The Eyes Roll For Thee
Feb 19Toe the Line
Feb 18I Am Not My Brother-In-Law’s Keeper
Feb 17Like Poo Breeze in a Pod
Feb 16A Date Worse Than Death
Feb 13Beyond a Reasonable Scout
Feb 12Like Staking Candy Into a Baby
Feb 11O.S. to the O.R. Stat!
Feb 10This Doofus Has Not Been Rated
Feb 9The Sixty-Forum Thousand Dollar Question
Feb 6Doughneto
Feb 5The Butt Memo Joke
Feb 4An End to Cartoon Violence
Feb 3The Streets Will Run Red With Charity
Feb 2Herd of Prey
Jan 30Unhung Hero
Jan 29Flew Kid on the Block
Jan 28Bombs Away
Jan 27If You Snow What’s Good For Ya’
Jan 26All Messiahs Must Die
Jan 23The Public Opinion Strikes Back
Jan 22Ain’t No Mountain Low Enough
Jan 21A Dying Breed
Jan 20Be Still My Heart
Jan 19Money Mourning Quarterback
Jan 16Public Idiot Number One
Jan 15Pen-MAN-ship
Jan 14Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Jan 13Till Mauled Do We Part
Jan 12Die Hard Without a Vengeance
Jan 9Stand the Test of Whine
Jan 8Keeping Abreast of Witches Issues
Jan 7Mo Money, Mo Problems
Jan 6Wuss in Boots
Jan 5A Picture is Worth a Couple of Rooms
Jan 2Shake It Off
Jan 1The Final Resolution


Dec 31Driving Me to Distraction
Dec 30Pout at the Devil
Dec 29The Sliding Male
Dec 26A Visit from St. Nicholas – Part 5
Dec 25A Visit from St. Nicholas – Part 4
Dec 24A Visit from St. Nicholas – Part 3
Dec 23A Visit from St. Nicholas – Part 2
Dec 22A Visit from St. Nicholas – Part 1
Dec 19Serf and Turf
Dec 18I Saw Mommy Dissing Santa Claus
Dec 17A Liberal Amount of Liberals
Dec 16Hum Bug
Dec 15Old Hitlers Die Hard
Dec 12Smoke and Mirrors and Carnage
Dec 11Moot From the Hip
Dec 10Modest Max
Dec 9Shot Through the Heart
Dec 8Crime Scene Imagination
Dec 5What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate
Dec 4The Craft of Unconditional Love
Dec 3When the Hat Goes Gray, the Lice Will Play
Dec 2The Blobby
Dec 1Fine German Daftsmanship
Nov 28One Step Forward, Two Steps on Your Back
Nov 27Tryptopatsy
Nov 26Stall From Grace
Nov 25Horn of Empty
Nov 24The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
Nov 21Scared to Beth
Nov 20Imbibe Goes Before a Fall
Nov 19The Blind Leading the Signed
Nov 18The Importance of Being Important
Nov 17A Blitzkrieg of Buzzkills
Nov 14Only the Lonely
Nov 13Safety in Numbers
Nov 12The Six Million Dollar Gran
Nov 11Buh-Buh-Buh-Baaaa-Bah
Nov 10Just Chillin’
Nov 7Playing Your Chump Card
Nov 6A Bro-Win Situation
Nov 5The Book of Joe
Nov 4When Life Kicks You in the Lemons…
Nov 3It’s My Party and I’ll Cro-Mag if I Want To
Oct 31Trick or Eat
Oct 30Trick or Geek
Oct 29Sick of Work
Oct 28Nice Work If You Can Garrote It
Oct 27What I Hike About You
Oct 24Perform Without a Net Worth
Oct 23A Rude Forsakening
Oct 22Ain’t it the Truth?
Oct 21Level With Me Doc
Oct 20Two Balls, No Strikes
Oct 17Death Sentence
Oct 16You Can’t Spell “Pandemic” Without “Panic”
Oct 15Attract to the Future
Oct 14Hanger-on
Oct 13Gripe Dream
Oct 10I, Object
Oct 9A Chance of a Ghost
Oct 8Commander in Grief
Oct 7Kilo-Tots
Oct 6Blinded by the Sight
Oct 3PO’ed Box
Oct 2The Ghost Wonderer
Oct 1Child’s Pay
Sep 30Snug as a Bug in a Rug
Sep 29Hooked on a Reeling
Sep 26The Tart Who Loved Me
Sep 25One Step Forward, Two Steps Fat
Sep 24Gall in the Family
Sep 23Share the God, Spoil the Child
Sep 22Don’t Shank My Chain
Sep 19Show Off on the Wrong Foot
Sep 18Fatgetfulness
Sep 17The Eventual Frontier
Sep 16In Other Words…
Sep 15A Roomba With a View
Sep 12Take a Break, Jake
Sep 11Matters of the Universe
Sep 10Doctor Who Cares
Sep 9Rock and Roll Hoochie Ruse
Sep 8Semper Wi-Fi
Sep 5Lucky Harms
Sep 4Age Before Booty
Sep 3You Can Lead a Thief to Water…
Sep 2Never Buy a Pygmy in a Poke
Sep 1Summer Bummer – Part 2
Aug 29To Come Apartment at the Seams
Aug 28Flora and Farta
Aug 27Baby Showers Bring My Glowers
Aug 26Ab Sense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Aug 25On My World It Means Dope
Aug 22Four Score and Seven Tests Ago
Aug 21Give a Hoot by Shutting Up
Aug 20Nice Enough Guys Finish Last
Aug 19Eternal Sunshine of the Witless Mind
Aug 18Making a Gas of You and Me
Aug 15Mixed Feelings
Aug 14No Sweat
Aug 13Bruised Ego Trip
Aug 12Rules of Enfangment
Aug 11Gazed and Confused
Aug 8Speak of the Devil
Aug 7Makes Me Wanna Bury My Head in the Sand
Aug 6Bro-Magnon Man
Aug 5Dead Men Tell No Tweets
Aug 4Birthday of the Living Dead
Aug 1Bishop’s Gambit
Jul 31Takes Chances with Wolves
Jul 30Nuts and Dolts
Jul 29I Ain’t Got Time to Shop
Jul 28Live Long and Prosper?
Jul 25Deadside Manner
Jul 24Pet Sedentary
Jul 23Citizen Shame
Jul 22Run Interference
Jul 21Lil’ Ricky Shaw
Jul 18Hope Floats
Jul 17Tough Loveseat
Jul 16Down in the Dumps
Jul 15“Just”
Jul 14Love Sinks
Jul 11What’s the Holdup?
Jul 10One For the Road
Jul 9Caught Off Guard
Jul 8Gimme a Hand
Jul 7All’s Not Fair in Love and War
Jul 4A Staple of the Modern Office
Jul 3Judging a Book by its Thumper
Jul 2Scared Sithless
Jul 1Caligulate
Jun 30Patreon of the Arts
Jun 27Death and Taxes
Jun 26Shoot to Grill
Jun 25Catch Twenty Poo: Number Two
Jun 24Just a Wittle Wequest
Jun 23Godzilla VS GMOera
Jun 20Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker
Jun 19Four Wonderings and a Funeral
Jun 18Stairing Contest
Jun 17Scares the Daylights Out of Me
Jun 16Beauty is in the Tentacled Eyestalks of the Beholder
Jun 13Love At Worst Sight
Jun 12I Got Nothin’
Jun 11Laughing All the Way to the Plank
Jun 10Cult of Laziality
Jun 9Don’t Get Your Panties in a Bunch
Jun 6Shy Guys Finish Lame
Jun 5Endless Torment and Breadsticks
Jun 4Fashion Victim
Jun 3Doctor Strangelaugh
Jun 2Tricks and Stones Will Make God Groan
May 30The Final Fun-tier
May 29Hair Can Be So Unfair
May 28Disirregardless
May 27Here’s the Skinny
May 26Loose Lips Sink Chips
May 23Beyond a Shadow of a Pout
May 22Hypno-Lies
May 21That Ship Has Wailed
May 20All Steamed Up
May 19American Band Stand
May 16[Enemy Week] Despicable Me
May 15[Enemy Week] Safety in Numbers
May 14[Enemy Week] Lemme Tell You ‘Bout My Best Frenemy
May 13[Enemy Week] A Bitter Kill to Swallow
May 12[Enemy Week] Brace for Friend-Pact
May 9A Tough Act to Swallow
May 8Love in the Fast Lane
May 7Runs With Scissors
May 6Heaven is a Half Pipe
May 5At the Drop of a Chat
May 2You Bet My Life
May 1What’s Up, Doc?
Apr 30Hawaii Live Show
Apr 29The Tables Have Turned
Apr 28Wit Yo Bad Self
Apr 25The Fast and the Famished
Apr 24Nerd Rage Against the Machine
Apr 23The Unusual Suspects
Apr 22Moody Foodie
Apr 21Sergeant Glitch
Apr 18Fight Grub
Apr 17Do They Give a Hoot?
Apr 16Chain of Fools
Apr 15Night at the Moxbury
Apr 14Curse Cursive
Apr 11Slow Burn
Apr 10Gone to Hail in a Handbasket
Apr 9The Key to My Heart
Apr 8Have the Omnipresence of Mind
Apr 7Anger Issues
Apr 4Call of the Wild
Apr 3Wax On, Wax Off
Apr 2Welcome to My Nightmare
Apr 1Salad Barred
Mar 31You Only Lie Twice
Mar 28Tuck and Rolls
Mar 27Say Hello To My Little Friend
Mar 26A Head of My Time
Mar 25Bear In Mind
Mar 24Rub-a-Dub-Done
Mar 21Felled by the Save
Mar 20Talk is Cheap
Mar 19Slack to the Future
Mar 18The Act of God
Mar 17I Stick Around
Mar 14Wedding Hells
Mar 13Blunder Woman
Mar 12Writer’s Blockade
Mar 11A Buttload of Nutrition
Mar 10Dressed to Chill
Mar 7Sick Week – Anguishing Over Languishing
Mar 6Sick Week – A Full Head of Steam
Mar 5Talk Dirty to Me
Mar 4Sick Week – Down With the Sickness
Mar 3Sick Week – Patient Zero
Feb 28Anything Goes
Feb 27Puzzled Over Puzzles
Feb 26Card Carrying Ember
Feb 25Under Pressure
Feb 24The Undistinguished Duckling
Feb 21Presto Change-No
Feb 20One Hitler at a Time
Feb 19The Three Laws of No-Tot-ics
Feb 18Sleeping With the Enemy
Feb 17Awaiting the Next Generation
Feb 14The Labor of Love
Feb 13Drug Store Cowboy
Feb 12Ready As I’ll Never Be
Feb 11Lack and Slash
Feb 10My Short Attention Wingspan
Feb 7Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Theme
Feb 6Death Be Not Spun
Feb 5Fired in the Sky
Feb 4No Thyself
Feb 3Cast Them Stones
Jan 31Chronicles of Narcissism
Jan 30The Young Switcheroo
Jan 29Born and Praised
Jan 28The Hatfields and No Joys
Jan 27Der of the Moment
Jan 24Doctor Estranged-love
Jan 23Cannibal Run
Jan 22A Crippling Situation
Jan 21Pocketful of Progress
Jan 20Tanned Helsing
Jan 17Totally Off-Scripture
Jan 16Train of Fought
Jan 15Funny Boned
Jan 14Rattle Rattle Thunder Clatter Boom Boom Boom!
Jan 13Gandalf the Whiner
Jan 10James Bland
Jan 9Watch How I Soar
Jan 8That New Dungeon Smell
Jan 7Cookie D’oh
Jan 6Skin Cycle
Jan 3Look, Up In the Eye
Jan 2Over the Hill
Jan 1Fairy Fails


Dec 31The Hearsay on Heresy
Dec 30Where There’s Smoke There’s Ire
Dec 27Merry Ex-Mas
Dec 26Little Bummer Boy
Dec 25Hear No Jingle, See No Kringle
Dec 24Like Denying Candy From a Baby
Dec 23Go Scrooge Yourself
Dec 20Snow Way to Fail
Dec 19Beauty Sleep
Dec 18Retire Esquire
Dec 17Roadside Resistance
Dec 16Late to the Party
Dec 13Game-Set-Shark
Dec 12Gluteus Minimus
Dec 11Falling Stars
Dec 10The Soiree Sashay
Dec 9Cleanliness is Next to Dadliness
Dec 6One Rose Over the Line
Dec 5Spoke Out of Churn
Dec 4Grand Mal Sneezure
Dec 3At the Drop of a Hat
Dec 2Thinking Inside the Box
Nov 29Macrochip Computers
Nov 28Clash of the Spite-ans
Nov 27No Country for Old Bugs
Nov 26The Devil is in the Details
Nov 25To Be, or Not Frisbee
Nov 22The Nicest Nazi
Nov 21On Your Last Legs
Nov 20Fancy Meeting You Spear
Nov 19Much a Dough About Nothing
Nov 18Borin’ the Casbah
Nov 15Fathers of the Year
Nov 14Shampoo for Him
Nov 13Shampoo for Her
Nov 12Not-So-Direct Current
Nov 11An Embarrassment of Purchases
Nov 8Age Before Duty
Nov 7Huh?
Nov 6Shut Yer Cake Hole
Nov 5Scent of a Woe-Man
Nov 4Daylight Savings Nein
Nov 1All Hallow’s End
Oct 31Festival of Fights
Oct 30The Candy Man Can
Oct 29The Not-So-Great Pumpkin
Oct 28Halloweirdness
Oct 25Photo Opportunity
Oct 24Spit Take
Oct 23Assault with a Delicious Weapon
Oct 22Throwing a Monk Wrench in the Works
Oct 21From Hell’s Heart I Crab at Thee
Oct 18…Little Girl and Boy Land
Oct 17My Better Half
Oct 16Come Rain or Whine
Oct 15Damn Those Torpedoes!
Oct 14Poo Suede Shoes
Oct 11The Maraca Shakes for Thee
Oct 10Lost to the Ages
Oct 9The Tragic Side of Tragedy
Oct 8The Wrath of Grapes
Oct 7Panty Raid
Oct 4Jesus Christ Superstar
Oct 3I’m All Out of Love
Oct 2Just Call Me “Wheels”
Oct 1You Can Never Be Too Rich
Sep 30Talk Like a Ninja Day
Sep 27The Business End
Sep 26Flub a Hubba
Sep 25A Bounty of Sadness
Sep 24Seal of Disapproval
Sep 23One Giant Leap for Condiment Kind
Sep 20To Protect and Unnerve
Sep 19Accentuate the Negative
Sep 18The Pot Calling the Cauldron Black
Sep 17When Puppy Love Becomes Dog Tired
Sep 16Kids are Trapped in the Darndest Things
Sep 13You Slay It’s Your Birthday
Sep 12A Shock to the System
Sep 11My Fellow Co-Shirker
Sep 10Brain vs Drain
Sep 9Bamboozled
Sep 6Lack Be Nimble
Sep 5The Yield Heil
Sep 4The Rest is History
Sep 3A Technophobe in Need…
Sep 2Merry Labor Day
Aug 30YoGIRLt
Aug 29The Road Whinerer
Aug 28Jeans, Jeans, the Smooshical Suit
Aug 27Lady and the Gramp
Aug 26No Ifs, Ands, or Butts
Aug 23Two Shakes of a Hand’s Fail
Aug 22Falling at the Speed of Stupid
Aug 21Bummed in Berlin
Aug 20Graffiti and Me Walls
Aug 19I’m a Lover Not a Fighter
Aug 16Buckle Up
Aug 15My Dream Job
Aug 14Truth is Dumber Than Fiction
Aug 13Blasphemaybe
Aug 12A Picture is Worth a Thousand Nieces
Aug 9Accentuate the Posertive
Aug 8Jock Talk
Aug 7Resistance is Finicky
Aug 6The Glass is Half Dead
Aug 5Teaching an Old Drug New Tricks
Aug 2Flushing Your Life Away
Aug 1The French Connection
Jul 31Smoke Defector
Jul 30A Sight for Dork Eyes
Jul 29Garden Variety Anxiety
Jul 26We Are Not Amused
Jul 25Die Another Day
Jul 24Whip Throw Through the Tulips
Jul 23Shiver Me Limbers
Jul 22The Long and Shorts of it
Jul 19Think Outside the Boombox
Jul 18There Might Not Be Blood
Jul 17THX 113-Great
Jul 16Check Me Out
Jul 15Spare the Magma, Spoil the Child
Jul 12Doctor Feelgood
Jul 11Love-Hate Relationship
Jul 10Turtles for Sale or Rent
Jul 9Make TPS Reports, Not War
Jul 8Hammocks of Mass Destruction
Jul 5Discount Five Fingers
Jul 4Sparkle Motion
Jul 3The Explosion that Proves the Rule
Jul 2Lowering the Boom
Jul 1A Real Pain in the Neck
Jun 28My FAQ for the FAA
Jun 27Lost in Love
Jun 26Wi-Fi of the Living Dead
Jun 25Sleeping Disorderly
Jun 24Gimme Five
Jun 21Rant in E-Minor
Jun 20B.C. B & E
Jun 19The Coma Whisperer
Jun 18Bed-sighed Manner
Jun 17Jack and Jill
Jun 14Five Second Rule
Jun 13Kids, Pack Your Bags
Jun 12Throwing Monkey at the Problem
Jun 11Said in Vain
Jun 10Get A Grip
Jun 7Red Carpet Premiere
Jun 6No Butts About It
Jun 5I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…
Jun 4Counterspell
Jun 3The Cast is Dyed
May 31In Sickness and in Health…
May 30Easily Foiled
May 29Dress for Success
May 28Patient, Panic Thyself
May 27A Comic By Any Other Name…
May 24Bygone Burglaries
May 23Cartoon Generated Imagery
May 22Why Are You Blessin’ Yourself?
May 21Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation
May 20Lousy Piece of Ship
May 17The Tubeinator
May 16Move Over, Tony the Tiger
May 15Ground Control to Major Jerk
May 14Hey, Good Lookin’
May 13Credit Where Credit is Due
May 10Asps…Very Fashionable
May 9The Aerodynamics of Trust
May 8Just Beyond Thunderdome
May 7Hide and Go Balthazar
May 6Dirty Sons of Britches
May 3Eat Your Heart Out
May 2Think of the Children
May 1The Greatest American Heroes
Apr 30Price Check on Whoop-Ass
Apr 29Smart Phone / Dumb User
Apr 26Chew On This
Apr 25Guys and Groceries
Apr 24Allergic Reaction
Apr 23Cirque du No Way
Apr 22I Aim to Please
Apr 19Biblical Brain-Teaser
Apr 18Preg-Not
Apr 17Drink My Milkshake
Apr 16Spring Has Sprung
Apr 15Storage Wars
Apr 12Beyond Your Mildest Dreams
Apr 11Let’s Get Physical
Apr 10I’m a People Person
Apr 9Precious Cargo
Apr 8Fun With Freaking Friends
Apr 5RCAcist
Apr 4Put On Ice
Apr 3Eye Spy
Apr 2Thousand Yard Glare
Apr 1The Abominable Employee
Mar 29Crap That Guys Say
Mar 28The Face of Poker
Mar 27Childs Play
Mar 26Indiana Clones
Mar 25Rocket Man
Mar 22Ode to Creepy Dolls
Mar 21The Two Asses in Assassin
Mar 20In Search of Research
Mar 19Something Under My Bed is Bored
Mar 18Sometimes Progress is Kinda Gross
Mar 15Loosen Up
Mar 14A Little Suspicious
Mar 13Stress is a Jerk
Mar 12Assault and Battery
Mar 11Runners High
Mar 8Dead Men Don’t Wear Slacks
Mar 7Goin’ Commando
Mar 6Suspend Your Disbeliefs, and Your Trousers
Mar 5Fatty Pants
Mar 4Pant-a-Loon
Mar 1Outragercise
Feb 28Skyfall
Feb 27The Vibeology of Scientology
Feb 26Cleaning Powder
Feb 25All Thumbs
Feb 22Rich Bug, Poor Bug
Feb 21Jokingly Challenged
Feb 20Another Day at the Office
Feb 19A View To A Kumquat
Feb 18Up For Adopt-Shun
Feb 15What a Load of Ship
Feb 14Be Mein Valentine
Feb 13On Par With Danger
Feb 12Taking Care of Business…Sorta
Feb 11An Apple a Day Keeps the Bully Away
Feb 8This Mold House
Feb 7QuasiSNOWdo
Feb 6Banking for Babes
Feb 5Knockin’ on Heaven’s Portal
Feb 4Internot
Feb 1Friend or Foe?
Jan 31The Way of the Beret
Jan 30I’m Your Helpful Algebro
Jan 29The Final Countdown
Jan 28Put Your Cards on the Table
Jan 25If I Had a Hammer
Jan 24Natural Born Hippies
Jan 23Just My Type
Jan 22Comfort Feud
Jan 21Ignorance is Bliss…and Healthy!
Jan 18I Pity the Prophet
Jan 17A Pain in the Glasses
Jan 16Star Trek III: The Search for Wi-Fi
Jan 15My Two Scents
Jan 14It’s A Soft Knock Life
Jan 11Oh, Yes, They Call Him the Greek
Jan 10Great Expectorations
Jan 9Using Curses to Fill Your Purses
Jan 8I’m a Sucker for Cars
Jan 7It’s the Merchant Life for Me
Jan 4Kitchen Bitchin’
Jan 3Where To Go For a Good Cup of Joe
Jan 2Math Wiz…Heh-Heh, “Whiz”
Jan 1Hot Blooded


Dec 31Dream On
Dec 28Oil Have What She’s Having
Dec 27Gelt Trip
Dec 26Shine On You Crazy Menorah
Dec 25Jingle All Oy Vey
Dec 24A Gentile-man’s Guide to Hanukkah
Dec 21Sleeping Bag
Dec 20I’m a Little Bit Country
Dec 19Everything Zen
Dec 18The Roof is on Fire
Dec 17Clean Me Up, Scotty
Dec 14En Garde!
Dec 13The Slightly Inconvenient Case Scenario
Dec 12That’s Thrall Folks!
Dec 11No Use Crying Over Burnt Bread
Dec 10I’m Gettin’ Too Old for this S@#%
Dec 7Seriously, Clowns, You Freak Us Out
Dec 6The Bare Bones
Dec 5Venting My Frustration
Dec 4Shake and Bacon
Dec 3Probably From Clogged Farteries
Nov 30Sir Puffington
Nov 29Bionic Bug
Nov 28Imbecilic Indicators
Nov 27Father Christmas
Nov 26Age Before Doogie
Nov 23Step by Step Instructions
Nov 22Thanks-Taking
Nov 21Irritable Buyer Syndrome
Nov 20Buy for an Eye
Nov 19The Lure of the Luscious Lunch
Nov 16My Million Dollar Idea
Nov 15Grandsome
Nov 14A Case of the Sundays
Nov 13One Fell Dupe
Nov 12Feeling Kinda Punchy
Nov 9Slow Child Left Behind
Nov 8Best Laid Plans of God and Men
Nov 7Ground Control to Major Guru
Nov 6Theory of Rela-stink-ity
Nov 5Discrimination Against Oxidation
Nov 2Can I Get a Witness
Nov 1A Sweet Deal
Oct 31Wardrobe Malfunction
Oct 30Something WiKID This Way Comes
Oct 29Halloweenie
Oct 26Whip It Out
Oct 25I Am Challenge-Challenged
Oct 24Pre-Preschool
Oct 23For the Pastor Tells Me So
Oct 22The Naked Truth
Oct 19Miffed About Biff
Oct 18Chop Till You Drop
Oct 17Papa’s Got a Gross Old Bag
Oct 16Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
Oct 15Indian Bummer
Oct 12Basket Case
Oct 11The Littlest Litigants
Oct 10Caught Unawares
Oct 9CannonBug Run
Oct 8Shower Me With Your Love
Oct 5Spear-ited Away
Oct 4Two Kids Enter, One Kid Leaves
Oct 3I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha
Oct 2Punch Drunk Love
Oct 1Listen All Y’all, It’s a Sabotage
Sep 28A Royal Letdown
Sep 27A Match Maid in Heaven
Sep 26Get Busy Punnin’
Sep 25Bobbing for Blasphemy
Sep 24Hindsight
Sep 21Thunderbolt and Lightning, Very, Very Debilitating
Sep 20Pocketful of Nuthin’
Sep 19Nerdspotting
Sep 18I’m Such a Boob
Sep 17Devil May Cry
Sep 14That’s How I Droll
Sep 13A Friend In Need…
Sep 12Hello My Name Is Antichrist
Sep 11Leave Me Out of It, Scotty
Sep 10The Sneeze of the Shes
Sep 7The French Confection
Sep 6Getting Attached to Technology
Sep 5Dumb Fun in the Sun
Sep 4All Hail the Refrigerator
Sep 3Bullet Time
Aug 31Prayer Etiquette – originally posted [5-6-10]
Aug 30War Funds – originally posted [3-3-10]
Aug 29Conversation Contributions – originally posted [2-5-10]
Aug 28Pizza Delivery – originally posted [1-18-10]
Aug 27Geekdom – originally posted [12-28-09]
Aug 24That’s PiaNO! I Said PiaNI!
Aug 23Yo Mama’s Day
Aug 22Rise and Whine
Aug 21Hot-Headed Actors
Aug 20Closing Ceremonies
Aug 17My No-No About Yo-Yos
Aug 16The BIG Game
Aug 15InnerBug
Aug 14Sieg Hair
Aug 13Great, Kid. Don’t Get Cocky
Aug 10Grinder Reminder
Aug 9Ode to the Man-Child
Aug 8Pillow Talk
Aug 7Roll With the Punches
Aug 6Dinnerware for the Decapitated
Aug 3Boob Tube
Aug 2You Have the Right to Remain Awesome
Aug 1Trying a Doctor’s Patients
Jul 31Which Way to Pray
Jul 30The Flirtatious Flosser
Jul 27Baby Talk
Jul 26Hurry Up And Weight
Jul 25No Questions Asked
Jul 24A Bum Eye
Jul 23It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Eternity
Jul 20Have a Good Day
Jul 19Garbageman Fan
Jul 18A River Runs Poo It
Jul 17Be All That You Can Be
Jul 16Air Éclair
Jul 13Just Flasking For Trouble
Jul 12In Support of Women
Jul 11The Star Treatment
Jul 10Comacise
Jul 9Fast Food Fears
Jul 6Visual Air Conditioning
Jul 5She’s a Real Knockout
Jul 4Third Time’s the Harm
Jul 3Fire It Up
Jul 2Little Orphan Sammie
Jun 29Bug Eat Dog
Jun 28Train of Thought
Jun 27Statue of Stupidity
Jun 26Manhattan Worder Mystery
Jun 25In a New York Minute
Jun 22Prince Harming
Jun 21I’m Not Bananas About Bananas
Jun 20No Twin Scenario
Jun 19Beady Equals Seedy
Jun 18Suck It Up
Jun 15Get Off on the Wrong Foot
Jun 14Seek and Desktroy
Jun 13Spellcheck
Jun 12Love is in the Air
Jun 11It’s Hip to be Square
Jun 8Boxtaposition
Jun 7The God Files
Jun 6Catch Twenty Poo
Jun 5Hair Bear Hunch
Jun 4Frozen in Fear
Jun 1Marriage for the Win
May 31Neverending Wedding
May 30In Defense of Wedding Dresses
May 29The Needo for a Tuxedo
May 28The Wedding Plan Man
May 25WidowMakeover
May 24Gas, Grass or Fax
May 23Confection Confession
May 22APB on the DOA
May 21Hippocratic Immunity
May 18Always Think Ahead
May 17Shampooped Out
May 16Not-So-ExtraTerrestrial
May 15The Stitch Snitch
May 14I Get No Respect
May 11A Picture is Worth a Thousand Fibs
May 10We Want a Picture, Not a Belly Itcher
May 9Hurry Up and Wait
May 8Mug Shot
May 7Out of the Picture
May 4Crappin’ on Cartwheels
May 3Thou Shalt Not Be Rude
May 2Self Esteem is Fickle
May 1Childproof Aloof
Apr 30Baptism Without Fire
Apr 27Workers Confrontation
Apr 26Asskew
Apr 25Blanket Party Pooper
Apr 24House of Shame
Apr 23A Flair for Guns
Apr 20Evil Be to Him Who Evil Thinks
Apr 19See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Apr 18The Root of All Evil
Apr 17A Necessary Evil
Apr 16Lesser of Two Evils
Apr 13Just Deserts
Apr 12Sportsmanship – Sudden Death
Apr 11Sportsmanship Halftime
Apr 10Sportsmanship – First Inning
Apr 9Peter Cottonfail
Apr 6Forsake a Wish
Apr 5My Number One Question About Nudist Camps
Apr 4Manila Folders – Part 2
Apr 3Manila File Folders – Part 1
Apr 2Seal of Approval
Mar 30Socratic Method for Dummies
Mar 29Fatherland
Mar 28Prehistoric Crap
Mar 27Ghost in the Drywall
Mar 26Playing Hard to Get
Mar 23Politics Make Strange Bugfellows
Mar 22Sympathy for the Devil
Mar 21The Time to Blast Has Passed
Mar 20March Mania
Mar 19Boneheaded Butlers
Mar 16A Cocktail For Disaster
Mar 15The Topic of Cancer
Mar 14You Call This Archaeology?
Mar 13Flora From Heaven
Mar 12Daylight Hazing Time
Mar 9When Harry Met Sally (Directors Cut)
Mar 8Envying Arizona
Mar 7A Great White Lark
Mar 6Rhodes Squadron
Mar 5HeadEx
Mar 2The Unmasked Avenger
Mar 1Hospital Hospitality
Feb 29The Trouble With Table Tennis
Feb 28(Not So) Technical Support
Feb 27Legacy of the Asses
Feb 24A Blight For Sore Eyes
Feb 23Why I Don’t Wear Hawaiian Shirts
Feb 22Read Between the Whines
Feb 21Kickin’ Around Phrases
Feb 20Rise of the Planet of the Flags
Feb 17Buns of Feel
Feb 16Ken Gets Burned
Feb 15Root of the Problem
Feb 14Valentine’s Day Gifts
Feb 13Valentine’s Day Eve
Feb 10Kiss Off
Feb 9Seduced By Mister E.
Feb 8Socially Lubed
Feb 7We Got a Funky Kind of Love
Feb 6Courtship Consultation
Feb 3Super Bowl Party Pooper
Feb 2The Fellowship of the Super Bowl
Feb 1Regarding Hippies
Jan 31Bratzilla
Jan 30Up a War Without a Paddle
Jan 27How NOT To Be Sick
Jan 26How To Be Sick – Part 4
Jan 25How To Be Sick – Part 3
Jan 24How To Be Sick – Part 2
Jan 23How To Be Sick – Part 1
Jan 20Malicious Melodies
Jan 19Office Supply Injuries
Jan 18Babbling Bodaciously
Jan 17An Alarming Appliance
Jan 16Soot First, Ash Questions Later
Jan 13If I Were a Rich Man
Jan 12Kidney Failure
Jan 11Pesky Lil’ Padawans
Jan 10Guilt Does a Body Good
Jan 9Golden Cower
Jan 6Dr. TooGood
Jan 5Sleeping Moody
Jan 4The Geek Won’t Inherit the Earth
Jan 3The Fashionable Ninja
Jan 2Bitter About Glitter


Dec 30It’s A New Year, Baby!
Dec 29Sled Till Yer Dead
Dec 28Pining for a Porch
Dec 27Pace Yourself, Quasimodo
Dec 26Happy Birthday to Snooze
Dec 23The Gift of the Magi -Part IV
Dec 22The Gift of the Magi – Part III
Dec 21The Gift of the Magi – Part II
Dec 20The Gift of the Magi – Part I
Dec 19Gift Of The Magi (Preamble)
Dec 16Chief Sitting Bug
Dec 15Blood, Sweat…But No Tears
Dec 14The Man with the Golden Neck
Dec 13World Flame War II
Dec 12Crazy Hates Company
Dec 9Troubled Truant Tracker
Dec 8A Period of Time
Dec 7There’s No Place Like Jail
Dec 6Facing My Demons
Dec 5In Defense of Flinchers
Dec 2Shake Yer Blues Away
Dec 1Sideshow Jobs
Nov 30A Real Pain in the Brain
Nov 29Anyone for Tennis?
Nov 28The Brave and the Bold
Nov 25The Flat Out Truth
Nov 24A Harem of Holidays
Nov 23My Senior Moments
Nov 22My Inner Travelogue
Nov 21Sneak a Squeak
Nov 18Bait and Switch
Nov 17Tarzan’t
Nov 16A Healthy Marriage
Nov 15Up, Up and No Way
Nov 14Peerless Pressure
Nov 11How to Abduct Me
Nov 10Night of the Living Supervisor
Nov 9Old Gray Jesus, He Ain’t What He Used to Be
Nov 8Dig It
Nov 7Breakfast of Sex Champions
Nov 4The Allure of Super-Coat
Nov 3Toss My Salad
Nov 2Aging Sucks
Nov 1Steal a Few Winks
Oct 31Treats are Tricky
Oct 28Hallowscreams VS Chrismush
Oct 27Halloween Memories – Part 2
Oct 26Halloween Hyperbole
Oct 25Halloween Memories
Oct 24Hallowfiends
Oct 21My Vacuum Cleaner PSA
Oct 20A Detonation of Dirty Dust
Oct 19Similes for Soil-Suckers
Oct 18A Compulsion to Clean
Oct 17Vacuum Cleaner Demeanor
Oct 14Hot Air Balloon: THE MOVIE!
Oct 13Aww, Aren’t They Cute?
Oct 12Life is but a Dream
Oct 11Broaching Cannibalism
Oct 10Dark Bug of the Sith
Oct 7The Thrill of Mediocrity
Oct 6Flossing is a Real Phus
Oct 5Ditzy Gypsy
Oct 4A Black Eye for Black Eyes
Oct 3Mother of God
Sep 30Barbarian SATs
Sep 29How to Pillage a Village
Sep 28Barbarian Table Manners
Sep 27For the Stylish Savage
Sep 26Bugbarian Week
Sep 23The Terrible Two
Sep 22Double O Bug (Part 2)
Sep 21Mating Calls
Sep 20Advertising Hell
Sep 19The Handicapable Swordfighter
Sep 16Ignorance Was Bliss
Sep 15Obtaining Jet Boots
Sep 14Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Sep 13Hospital Helper
Sep 12Respect for the Family Photographer
Sep 9Back to School
Sep 8Summer Bummer
Sep 7Scheduling Conflict
Sep 6Dapper Keeper
Sep 5School’s in, Sucka’
Sep 2Having a Mace Up Your Sleeve
Sep 1The Gigantic Downturn
Aug 31I’m Batbug
Aug 30Cactus Competition
Aug 29Debunking Women’s Intuition
Aug 26The God Couple
Aug 25Dude!
Aug 24Take the Plunge
Aug 23Bad News for Hikers
Aug 22Checks, Change and Children
Aug 19Yo-Yo Injuries (Uncommon)
Aug 18Yo-Yo Injuries (Common)
Aug 17Blinded by Mad Science
Aug 16My Feelings On Funerals
Aug 15Swing and a Miss
Aug 12Smarty at the Arty Party
Aug 11Bug Odyssey
Aug 10My Dictionary is a Real Lemon
Aug 9Picturesque Passages
Aug 8Church Hospital
Aug 4Taut Political Thrillers
Aug 3Eating Your Way to 100
Aug 2Swordsmith Blues
Aug 1Better Sorry Than Safe
Jul 29A Violent Vacation
Jul 28The Spy Who Revolted Me
Jul 27Healer Hooky
Jul 26Longing to Lollygag
Jul 25Just Call Me Hank
Jul 22No Sumo for Youmo
Jul 21Heavenly Hyperbole
Jul 20Top Bug
Jul 19The Moms Shall Inherit the Earth
Jul 18Doing Away with D-Bags
Jul 15Not the Smartest Artist
Jul 14The Muse of Misery
Jul 13The Art of Clothing
Jul 12The Three P’s
Jul 11How to be an Artist
Jul 8Heaven Help Us
Jul 7I am the Lizard King
Jul 6The Trouble with Tasers
Jul 5Laundromat for Dictators
Jul 4Exploding With Independence
Jul 1Grape Nuts Incarnate
Jun 30Bullets and Bodyguards
Jun 29Satan Be Praised
Jun 28Tree’s Company
Jun 27Anti-Amish Alliteration
Jun 24Lethal Weapon
Jun 23Exasperated Egyptian
Jun 22Terminator: Restitution
Jun 21Battling Bowlers
Jun 20Satan Rules
Jun 17Quiet Riot
Jun 16Pirate Parents
Jun 15Penny For Your Thoughts
Jun 14Lil’ Typhoid Mary
Jun 13My Cemetery Inclination
Jun 10Castle Hassle
Jun 9Hostage Taker / Heartbreaker
Jun 8A Cavalcade of Characters
Jun 7Non-Essential Personnel
Jun 6Quiet But Lethal
Jun 3Aw Heck, a Turtleneck
Jun 2Sorcerer in the Slammer
Jun 1The Only Way To Fly
May 31Comic Striptease
May 30The Big Picture
May 27Where No Bug Has Gone Before
May 26Just Desserts
May 25All’s Fair in Love and Grenades
May 24Skirt the Issue
May 23The Path to Pessimism
May 20Nice Dads Finish Last
May 19Gold Digger
May 18Getting Rid of Your Car (Disadvantages)
May 17Getting Rid of Your Car (Advantages)
May 16My Calling Card
May 13You Gotta Keep ’em Separated
May 12The Evolution of Squirt Guns
May 11One Man’s Treat is Another Man’s Poison
May 10Trials And Tribulations
May 9My Battle with Cancer
May 6Anti-Antichrist
May 5Shout at the Devil
May 4Hungry as Hell
May 3Mark of the Beast
May 2Beelzebaby
Apr 29Nothing to Sneeze At
Apr 28Scepter Objector
Apr 27Pet Grieves
Apr 26Eyes Buggin’ Out
Apr 25Marriage Carriage
Apr 22Office Français
Apr 21DeFUNbrillator
Apr 20Appetite Through the Ages
Apr 19Love The One You’re With
Apr 18God is NOT My Co-pilot
Apr 15Handling Harassment
Apr 14HarassMANt
Apr 13Types of Harassment
Apr 12Origins of Harassment
Apr 11An Amassment of Harassment
Apr 8Web Of Doom
Apr 7Bugfoot
Apr 6Regular As Clockwork
Apr 5Play Dead
Apr 4Hug It Out
Apr 1Post Cinematic Rap Session
Mar 31On The Edge Of My Seat
Mar 30Popcorn Bucket Blues
Mar 29Theater Trek
Mar 28Movie Knight
Mar 25Shanghai Surprise
Mar 24Hippy 101
Mar 23Double Trouble
Mar 22Walk It Off
Mar 21Talent Low
Mar 18Delay of the Dragon
Mar 17Scared Straight
Mar 16After These Messages
Mar 15Den Of Iniquity
Mar 14Food for Thought
Mar 11Curling Up with a Good Book
Mar 10Sawfully Unnecessary
Mar 9Piano Lesson
Mar 8Vampire Enquire
Mar 7Bug Of The Cloth
Mar 4Super Size Me
Mar 3Checkin’ For Killers
Mar 2Posing With My Posse
Mar 1Judge-Mental
Feb 28Bug Brothers
Feb 25Movies I’m Dying to See
Feb 24Jerk Frost
Feb 23Flame Off
Feb 22Tinkle Troubles
Feb 21Phone Home
Feb 18Home Ec Dreck
Feb 17Goin’ Out In Style
Feb 16Face Value
Feb 15Dork Master
Feb 14Luv Coupons
Feb 11The Problem With Short Arms
Feb 10Conning Yer Co-Workers
Feb 9Saloon Doors
Feb 8Vegetarians VS Atkins
Feb 7An Eruption of Knowledge
Feb 4Prettify Your Potty
Feb 3School of Thought
Feb 2Identifying Your Insolvency
Feb 1Fashion Bug
Jan 31What To Bellow
Jan 28The ‘Ol Summertime Sneak-Out
Jan 27No More Tears
Jan 26Baptism Bloopers
Jan 25Bedtime Bestiary
Jan 24The Brighter Side of Banishment
Jan 21Any Last Words?
Jan 20Slim Pickins at the Buddy Buffet
Jan 19Strike a Pose
Jan 18Time’s Up
Jan 17No Shirt, No Shoes, No Way in Hell
Jan 14That’s What Friends Are For
Jan 13Taxes are so Taxing
Jan 12Meanwhile, on ESPN 7…
Jan 11Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed
Jan 10Ramp It Up
Jan 7Lightning Bug
Jan 6It’s The Hard Knock Life
Jan 5Junctions Of Compunction
Jan 4Best Lookin’ Dude on the Milk Carton
Jan 3A Medicinal Cold War


Dec 31You Say You Want a Resolution
Dec 30Cone Of Power
Dec 29Beelzebanquet
Dec 28Virus Vacations
Dec 27Bug’s Yer Uncle
Dec 24A Christmas Cacophony – Epilogue
Dec 23A Christmas Cacophony – Chapter IV
Dec 22A Christmas Cacophony – Episode III
Dec 21A Christmas Cacophony – Act II
Dec 20A Christmas Cacophony – Part 1
Dec 17An Entrancing Entrance
Dec 16Mama Drama
Dec 15The New Guy
Dec 14Skynet – Phase 1
Dec 13Winter Safety
Dec 10Bugified Comics
Dec 9Cops And Jobbers
Dec 8How Not to Impress a Girl
Dec 7Plunging Prepubescents
Dec 6Advancements in Looting
Dec 3Crocodile Dumbdee
Dec 2Macho Man
Dec 1Have Yourself a Selfish Little Christmas
Nov 30The Disappointed Dead
Nov 29So Sez The Fez
Nov 26My Way or the Highway
Nov 25Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
Nov 24Y2Kreatures
Nov 23Hell On Wheels
Nov 22The Eventual Exhumation
Nov 19When You Assume…
Nov 18Tales to Excite
Nov 17Knowing is Half the Battle
Nov 16Ramblin’ Man
Nov 15Burglar Beatdown
Nov 12The Specialist
Nov 11Handicapable Cartoonist
Nov 10The Comeback Kid
Nov 9Exit Strategy
Nov 8Brief Round
Nov 5Manly Exclamations
Nov 4Ready, Boots? Start Walkin’
Nov 3Deathmatch
Nov 2Pick A Card
Nov 1Pet Peeves
Oct 29The Zombie Quiz
Oct 28No Zombie! No Zombie! Stop!
Oct 27Job Of The Dead
Oct 26Zombie Saturation
Oct 25Creature Feature
Oct 22Autobiography
Oct 21Maximum Overdrive
Oct 20Sex Dungeon
Oct 19Heir to the Empire
Oct 18A Crying Shame
Oct 15Phone Skills
Oct 14Killjoy
Oct 13Hunting Annoying Things
Oct 12The Hot Chick
Oct 11Columbus Day
Oct 8Dinner Party
Oct 7Auctioning Your Life
Oct 6Life: The Video Game
Oct 5Be Prepared
Oct 4Breakfast
Oct 1Acing The Interview
Sep 30Nudist Camps
Sep 29Arrested Development
Sep 28Aqua-Car
Sep 27High Society
Sep 24Panic Power
Sep 23Gift Of Life
Sep 22Website Woes
Sep 21Terms Of Impalement
Sep 20Soul To Squeeze
Sep 17Children’s Books
Sep 16Romantic Upgrades
Sep 15Delivery Room
Sep 14The Boring Babbler
Sep 13Motorcycle Safety
Sep 10I’m Confused
Sep 9Clowns
Sep 8Sacrifice
Sep 7Mostly Armless
Sep 6Stupid Transmitted Disease
Sep 3Witness Relocation Program
Sep 2Music Man
Sep 1Let’s Get Ready To Rumble
Aug 31Algebra
Aug 30Cannibalism
Aug 27Views On Phone Books
Aug 26Cults
Aug 25Jury Duty
Aug 24Sunglasses
Aug 23Harry Porker
Aug 20Advantages To Being A Woman
Aug 19Risky Business
Aug 18Casa De Rehab
Aug 17Dancing Part 2
Aug 16Dancing Part 1
Aug 13Jumping the Shark
Aug 12Office Odors
Aug 11Cell Phone Dilemma
Aug 10Slip ‘N Slide
Aug 9Adopt A Bug
Aug 6Butlers
Aug 5Bald Bug
Aug 4Agony Of Defeat
Aug 3Sexual Harassment
Aug 2Seatbelts
Jul 30Terminal Illness
Jul 29Zombie Bait
Jul 28Ghost Bug
Jul 27Short Guys (Cons)
Jul 26Short Guys (Pros)
Jul 23Cheating
Jul 22Executioner
Jul 21Dance Fever
Jul 20Thoughtless Jerk
Jul 19The Mummy Returns
Jul 16Pizza Problems
Jul 15Post Office Scavenger Hunt
Jul 14The Avenger
Jul 13Bug Olympics
Jul 12Bug Hunt
Jul 9The Survivor Audition Tape
Jul 8Nervous Breakdown
Jul 7Fall Fashions
Jul 6Whenever…
Jul 5Get Funky
Jul 2Random Thoughts
Jul 1Lost Sneeze
Jun 30Double O Bug
Jun 29Bug Merch
Jun 28Whip It
Jun 25PBS
Jun 24Castaway
Jun 23Walkathon
Jun 22Evil Corporations
Jun 21Why Girls Like Guys
Jun 18Nuclear Blast Radius
Jun 17Jesus’ Friend
Jun 16For The Haters
Jun 15Donating Body to Science
Jun 14What Slacks Lack
Jun 11Newborns Suck
Jun 10Peacemaker
Jun 9Dealing With Kidnappers
Jun 8Secret Agent Man
Jun 7Sex, Lies and Blu-ray Players
Jun 4Energy Drinks
Jun 3Bump In The Night
Jun 2Mr Flipped Up Collar
May 31Smooth Criminal
May 28How Tan Are You?
May 27Stupid Baby Name Police
May 26Auto Mechanics
May 25Attitudes On Platitudes
May 24Trashed
May 21Getting Up For Work
May 20Westerns
May 19Not So Sexy
May 18Inheritance
May 17Game Shows
May 14Marriage Proposals
May 13Amen
May 12Path To Adulthood
May 11Bug Theaters
May 10We Don’t Need Another Hero
May 7Morning Me
May 6Prayer Etiquette
May 5Stupid Criminals
May 4Ode To Joy
May 3Mysterious Bruises
Apr 30Hero or a Zero
Apr 29Yacht VS Small TV
Apr 28Spot The Immigrant
Apr 27TV Me
Apr 26Want VS Need
Apr 23It’s Ninja Time
Apr 22Whistlers, Hummers and “Dum-De-Dummers”
Apr 21Organ Donor
Apr 20Watch Where Yer Goin’
Apr 19I Hate Church
Apr 16Tea Time
Apr 15Sky Rockets In Flight
Apr 14Lousy Lineage
Apr 13Bathroom Blitzkrieg
Apr 12Love Lessons
Apr 9An Army of Fun
Apr 8Gamblin’ Guardians
Apr 7Unpopular Cereal
Apr 6I Hate Meetings
Apr 5Walkabout
Apr 2Vampire Blues
Apr 1E-Book Burning
Mar 31Ocean Messages
Mar 30Take This Job
Mar 29Soulmate
Mar 26Skipping Isn’t Gay
Mar 25Smooth Operator
Mar 24DC Heroes
Mar 23Your Funeral
Mar 22A Time To Slap
Mar 19Magneto Me
Mar 18Robot Holocaust
Mar 17Types Of Sickness
Mar 16The Truth About Birthdays
Mar 15Puzzle Corner
Mar 12Company Names
Mar 11Hunting Options
Mar 10Dead Honest
Mar 9Birth Control
Mar 870’s Film Stars
Mar 5Adulthood / Childhood
Mar 4Parachuting
Mar 3War Funds
Mar 2Irrational Fears
Mar 1Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Feb 26Sellout
Feb 25Blinded By Science
Feb 24Award for Deadliness
Feb 23Noisy Nookie
Feb 22Interesting Characters
Feb 19Weight Loss
Feb 18Dreamscape
Feb 17Clothing Citizenship
Feb 16Funk Bug
Feb 15Baby Fears
Feb 12Love Poem
Feb 11Breaking Up
Feb 10Types of Relationships
Feb 9Love Sentences
Feb 8Desperate Measures
Feb 5Conversation Contributions
Feb 4Crucify
Feb 3Drunken Master
Feb 2Office Species
Feb 1Segway
Jan 29Midget Ninja
Jan 28Rollercoasters
Jan 27Crummy Gift
Jan 26Out Of Shape
Jan 25Astronauts
Jan 22Execute
Jan 21Sex 101
Jan 20Triathlon Organizers
Jan 19Falling Down
Jan 18Pizza Delivery
Jan 15Causing A Scene
Jan 14Chair Of Doom
Jan 13Have You Ever
Jan 12Kiddie KungFu
Jan 11Hands Free
Jan 8Funeral Arrangements
Jan 7Hopeless
Jan 6Action Movies
Jan 5Aliens
Jan 4Resolutions
Jan 12010 Preview Pt 4


Dec 312010 Preview Pt 3
Dec 302010 Preview Pt 2
Dec 292010 Preview Pt 1
Dec 28Geekdom
Dec 25Old Man Winter
Dec 24All I Want For Christmas
Dec 23Dress Code
Dec 22Ugly Kids
Dec 21Atheists in Heaven
Dec 18Spoiler Sport
Dec 17Hang Gliders
Dec 16Eulogy
Dec 15Rock Preparedness
Dec 14Sleepwalking
Dec 11Bug Theater
Dec 10Star Wars
Dec 9Fightin’ Words
Dec 8Children’s Questions
Dec 7The Single Male
Dec 4Protesting
Dec 3Gift Horse
Dec 2Dear Technology
Dec 1Playing The Percentages
Nov 30Time For Torture
Nov 27Old Age
Nov 26Don’t Panic!
Nov 25I Hate Nice
Nov 24That Guy
Nov 23Categorizing Criminals
Nov 20For Your Consideration
Nov 19Bedside Manner
Nov 18Scarface
Nov 17Bucket List
Nov 16TechnoLove
Nov 13Pirate Week 5
Nov 12Zombie Week 4
Nov 11Zombie Week 3
Nov 10Zombie Week 2
Nov 9Zombie Week 1
Nov 6Amnesia
Nov 5Secret Rooms
Nov 4Web Design
Nov 3Cat’s Eye
Nov 2Old Joke
Oct 30Halloween Part 2
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Oct 282013
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Oct 23Dating
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Oct 20Coolness
Oct 19Letter