As with any creative endeavor, it’s easy to be critical of one’s work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uploaded a strip and thought “Well, that one sure was a clunker.” But this is one of the few that I’m really proud of. It has that perfect blend of clever and stupid.

Just think of how much more interesting wars would be if they all had a spending cap of fifty bucks. Before every war the two sides have to meet with a UN inspector to show their receipts. Wars would just be guys in flip flops and old, promotional t-shirts (the Energizer bunny, movie tie-in from Dunston Checks In, etc). Weaponry would have to be purchased at garage sales. Soldiers would be trained on how to strangle a man with a used onesie. Battleships would be comprised of two guys in a scratched up canoe, throwing pieces from an old Monopoly set. Generals would coordinate troop positions by moving McDonald Happy Meal toys around a large road map of Iowa. I’d also count fuel towards the fifty dollar limit, which would mean warring nations would have to a) be in the same county, or b) attack each other through strongly worded letters.