Two reasons I picked this strip:

1. I love the last panel.

2. I think it’s the only strip I’ve ever done where God is actually a character.

I’ve had God pop up from time to time – has anyone ever been used more in humor? But he’s either the subject of a strip or a bit player in a bigger joke. Here, he’s the main guy. The whole strip is from His perspective. I’m sure when I wrote this, I didn’t even think about that. It was just another strip. But look at it! There he is! Am I the only one who thinks that this strip has an extra element of weird?

When I was pulling strips to repost, I was just looking for ones that I thought were particularly clever and funny. I chose this strip based on the jokes. It wasn’t until I sat down to write about it that I realized that God took over my strip for a day and wrote his own jokes. I’m pretty sure if I came up with this premise today, I’d start off with some sort of lame “I bet God wishes we would have a little more etiquette in our prayers.” Bleah!

I took way more chances in these older strips. Nowadays, my strips are more routine and somewhat formulaic. Like, I used to be an Amish guy making hand-crafted furniture; sawing the wood, hammering the nails, carving unique designs in the armrests (like a picture of one bug farting on another). But now I’m the cold business guy who sits in his office that overlooks the factory floor where robots assemble the furniture and every chair is stamped with the same bug (who now just has a word balloon saying the word “fart”).

But at least I know I’m in a rut. That’s the first step of getting out of one.

Big thanks to all of you for putting up with my little hiatus! New strips will be back starting Monday.

And merch is a comin.’