It seems like every time I enter a conversation that my friends are having, it’s about something that I either a) have no knowledge of, or b) have no interest in. It’s like they all just got done reading the same article in National Geographic or something. My dumb ass comes waltzing in as they’re in the middle of discussing the hardships of Anglo Saxons or talking about how the migration of wombats affect climate change. All I got rattling around in my head is some quotes from Tron and my unwritten dissertation on why Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was a good movie.

This strip sums up how I feel in almost every serious conversation (I once actually used the response that’s in the last panel). I just don’t have anything to contribute to “boring adult” conversations. I thought when I grew up, I’d understand why adults enjoy talking for long stretches about politics and football games, but I’m 38 and I still would rather talk about my favorite Samurai Jack episodes – that one where Aku tricked Jack into going into the graveyard and he was attacked by the undead was so cool, wasn’t it?