So I didn’t get the memo that the internet was doing this SOPA Blackout Day. I’m usually oblivious to special days until someone mentions it to me (Mom: “Adam, are you coming down for Chirstmas tomorrow? Me: “Wait…it’s December already?”)

Fortunately, another cartoonist (Mary Varn from was aware and made a nice post about it, and she pretty much summed up my situation and feelings about SOPA. So here’s her stolen borrowed post:


It’s SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day! As you can see, I didn’t blackout this site as Reddit, Wikipedia, and many others are doing. But I am against these bills and feel they would endanger everything we love about the internet.

Here are some links where you can learn more:

Wikipedia blackout page

info about the movement

Americans: Tell your representatives that you’re against these bills.

A technical examination of SOPA and PROTECT IP via Reddit blog

      (this might be down for 12 hours?)

A fancy video.