Well, folks. It was fun drawing on my tablet, but I going back to pen and paper.

I thought for sure I’d fall in love with drawing comics on my Wacom – and I did for a while. Being able to erase ANY inking mistake is a wonderful luxury. Problem is: drawing on a tablet, surprisingly, didn’t speed me up one bit.

It’s just too easy to futz with stuff. I don’t like the way I wrote that “K” – I can fix it. I don’t like how that antennae looks – I can fix it. Whoa, this whole PANEL is unfunny – I can fix it. See what I mean? When you draw on paper, you’re in this “measure twice, cut once” mentality. With a tablet, you don’t have to measure crap!

So back to pen and paper, and I have to say I immediately had a better (read: more fun) time drawing on paper. It’s like coming home to an old friend. ‘Course, this means I gotta scan my strips on my little scanner until my replacement scanner (thank you, Dad, for the birthday cash to buy one) arrives in the mail, so importing these suckers into Photoshop is a bit wonky. But I’m fine with wonky. At this point, I’m quite used to wonky.