Well, I’ve decided to go back to using pen & paper to make my strips. It felt good to take a break and fire up my Cintiq, but I missed my old drawing tools. The cool thing is that I wanted to see if I could make strips on my tablet that were indistinguishable from the pen & paper ones, and while I did set out to draw all of last week’s comics solely on the Cintiq, I did draw Friday’s strip on paper and no one seemed to notice. Cue Fist pump.

The main reason I went to the Cintiq was that the pen I was using to do the lettering (a Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pen size S) was giving me a lot of problems. I’ve really struggled with getting consistent lines with those suckers. I decided, going forward, that I’ll use one size bigger to do the lettering – which is what I used for today’s strip. I also was hoping that the Cintiq would drastically speed up my process. It did go a little faster, but not enough to really buy me that much time.

So that’s that. The great experiment is over. I’m back to drawing my comic with feather dipped in ink by candle light while shaking my fist at those damn kids with their Wacoms and Yiynovas. Cue fist shake.