I finally had some free time this weekend to create and upload some desktop wallpaper. It’s located in the top menu bar. Now I know it isn’t much and my presentation is sorely lacking.  This was sort of a trial-run. I’ve never made wallpaper before and had no idea how many screen sizes I should make or how I was going to upload and present them all. Eventually I’ll figure out how to layout the info better and I plan to make more interesting wallpapers (and avatars) in the months to come.

I also want to thank Mary Varn, creator of the wonderfully geeky webcomic: NPC – click here to check it out, for all her help. I bothered her with many emails asking her questions like, “What sizes should I make the wallpaper at?” and “How do I get all this to display properly?” and “Why must all this stuff be so difficult?” and “Should I have a doctor look at this lump on my neck?”. Her knowledge and patience has been indispensable.

So have fun with the wallpaper. I’ll hopefully have time to make more goodies for you guys in the coming months.