After visiting several other webcomics I decided that I couldn’t stand my gray background any longer. I tried to pick a somewhat muted color that doesn’t draw to much attention. I also put a little color in the blog area. Figure I needed something to make the black and white comic stand apart from everything else. Lemme know if you like it or hate it.

I also posted links to reviews of Bug in the left sidebar. I’ve been meaning to post them for a while but I just didn’t have time. If I’m not working on strips, I’m spending my time figuring out website design and how to open an online store – things I know absolutely nothing about.

My goal is to have a website I’m truly proud of by October (one year after I posted my first “Bug” comic). I know I said I was going to break down and just hire someone to design my site but I’ve decided that the site doesn’t look that bad and that I could get the site to look the way I wanted if I was patient enough to take baby steps. Plus I checked out the rates folks charge for website design – Yeesh!