One of the great things about doing a webcomic is getting to know other webcartoonists. And one of the webcartoonists I’ve gotten to know is Matt Forcum who draws the excellent webcomic Robot Beach (click here to check it out). Matt, as it turns out, shares a lot of my geeky sensibilities – which is tricky to find. Usually I run into folks who aren’t very geeky (which is understandable) or way too geeky (which is usually creepy).

Matt and I have had many wonderfully geeky conversations over Skype. Then it hit us: It’s wrong to hoard all this dorky conversation to ourselves. We should allow other people to hear us talk about everything from Batman’s butler’s drinking problem to zombies pulling jury duty. So we’re starting a weekly podcast called “Geeks of Steel”.

Our first two episodes are up and ready for yer ears (click here to check ’em out). Our plan is to have a new episode up every Sunday night (give you something to take to work with you on Monday). If you got any feedback regarding the show, please feel free to email us at