Hello All,

Just a quick update: My site has finally moved to its new webhost thanks to my new friend/guy-I-will-constantly-bother-with-my-website-problems, Dan. I’m loving the new setup as the entire site seems to be loading much faster.

Now I know some of you were experiencing problems with the “next” and “latest” buttons since the move. I was hoping that it was just a by-product of the move and would sort itself out after awhile. Well, it didn’t. So I called on Dan once again and asked him to pop the hood and see if he could figure out what was going on. And, as Dan is a maestro with this website stuff, he quickly identified the problem and – hopefully – resolved it. He said we should know by tomorrow (which is in about five minutes right now) so all you folks who were having problems with these buttons, try ’em again and let me know if they’re working properly.

If they’re working, great! If not, wait till tomorrow and try them again, who knows? Maybe it’ll take a day for this to take effect.