After much thought, I’ve decided to now post new Bug Martini comics three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Sunday Patreon strip will keep posting as usual.

I love this comic, but writing and drawing it five days a week (and now six with the Sunday comic) has monopolized my time. I feel like I never have time for my friends, my girlfriend, or even time to respond to comments and emails from all of you. I want to have time to be more engaged in my own website.

I also want time to work on other projects. I have a real desire to draw a second webcomic. Don’t know what the hell it would be. All I know is that it will be dialogue driven and will probably not feature any talking insects.

Don’t fret though. I have no plans to stop drawing Bug Martini. I figure I’ll be drawing this sucker right up until I die. Just need some breathing room is all.