Hey, folks. Just want to let you know that I’m finally taking a much-needed vacation this week. I’ll be rerunning older strips this week with new commentary for every one, so at least you’ll get something that’s sorta new. Also – and this is the exciting part – not only will I be sipping highballs and (because I’m a total cheapo) playing video game demos on Xbox Live, I’ll also be spending this week working on creating t-shirts and assembling my first book collection. I know, this is long overdue and I apologize for dragging my feet in the merch department. Ever since I was a kid, I planned to work for a newspaper syndicate where they take care of all the merchandising. I never thought I’d be the one making this stuff, so I need to take a little time off to figure it all out.

I’ll be back next week with new strips, and with any luck, a t-shirt or two.