Hi everyone.

Just wanted to give you all the scoop on what the heck is happening to my website. My host server decided to do some maintenance this morning and my site went down. No big deal, it happens. But my site stayed down for a good six hours. I contacted them on my lunch break and got the runaround. I got home from work and the site was still down. I contacted them again, again, and again. Finally, the best they could do was to give me this lousy, default version of WordPress. No ComicPress (which is the theme I use to post comics) and no apologies.

They broke my site and refused to fix it.

So now I’m back to square one. I’ll figure it out. But let this be a lesson to all you webcartoonists out there – BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE! Do NOT for a second think that your host can do it for you.

I’ll be spending the weekend repairing the damage they’ve done, but the site should be up by Monday. Thank you very much for your patience.