Just wanted to formally thank all of you who commented and emailed me on the look of the website. You guys pretty much confirmed what I thought as well: the website should reflect the simplistic style of the strip.

I’ve wanted to be a cartoonist all my life but I always assumed I’d get into newspapers. It’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve redirected my efforts to the web so I’m a bit more behind all this CSS, HTML nonsense that I’m sure most of you out there have a firm grasp of. I like to think I know just enough to be dangerous – and I do mean dangerous. I once attempted to change the color to the calendar and accidentally locked myself, and everyone else, out of my website.

I’m glad most of you like the simple look. I do too. And more little changes will be coming (custom menu bar, custom navigation buttons, etc) but I think the overall look won’t change for a while.

Thanks for your help, everyone!