I’m 37 years old and I consider myself fortunate to still have a full head of hair. At least, I assume I do. I suppose it’s entirely possible that the woman who cuts my hair has discovered a bald spot and has been humoring me with what beauticians commonly refer to as “air-scissoring.”

But even if I do possess the luscious mane I think I have, the random outages my website has experienced will eventually liberate me from all my hair; both from stress and from pulling it out in fits of rage. If you’ve ever been annoyed that my site is down, feel comforted that it’s but a fraction of the anger I feel. I’ve contacted my web host numerous times about the matter but have never been given a satisfactory answer. So, at this point I think the best way to remedy this problem is to simply switch web hosts.

Now, if I do this correctly (and by “I” I mean my friend, Kelly who knows much more about this stuff than I do) there should be no downtime during the move which I’m scheduling for this weekend. But if you come to my site on Saturday or Sunday and you’re greeted with a smoldering crater where my site once was – don’t fret. It’ll hopefully back up and running on Monday.

Wish us (her) luck!