Howdy all!

As you can see, I’ve made a few changes to the site. And by “I’ve” I mean “other people I’ve paid who know way more than I do.” You can thank Joel Duggan (from the wonderful webcomic Starcrossed) and his buddy Ryan for helping me out.

I’ve been sick of how my site looks for a while now, and decided it was high time I finally cleaned house. I also wanted to make my site more mobile-friendly because looking at my old site on my iPhone always made me feel like I was looking at a website from 1997.

As some of you might have noticed – there are no longer any ads! To be honest, I was just as sick of ’em as you guys probably were. So foosh! Out they went. Instead, I’d much rather be a reader-supported webcartoonist through things like Patreon.

There will be some fine-tuning to the site throughout the next week or two (need to get the Bug Martini title back on there), so lemme know if something really bothers you about the layout. Not saying I’ll necessarily make the change, but I will definitely consider it.

For now: enjoy the ad-free shenanigans!